Weekly Workouts Roundup: Pushing to the MAX

Week of December 6, 2014:


Saturday 12/6– Insanity Strength + PiYo Class

Sunday 12/7 – HIIT Leg Day

Monday 12/8– T25 Core Speed + Shoulders + PiYo Class + Insanity Class

Tuesday 12/9 – Body Pump & Shred

Wednesday 12/10 –  Insanity Pure Cardio

Thursday 12/11 – Insanity Max:30 Cardio Challenge + Insanity PM class

Friday 12/12 (planned) – Insanity Max:30 Tabata


Birthday week meant it was time to push (to balance our sweet treats) AND time to push it to the MAX when my long-awaited Insanity MAX:30 arrived!




MAN! Doing Insanity workouts has definitely increased my lung capacity (from Allergen-induced Asthma) and endurance! Teaching it tests me to my limits since I have to speak AND move – I love it!






Over the past few months of teaching, I’ve seen my students really push past their limits! They’re moved from modifications they started out with and/or have shown progression with their form!


Coming to a class with the name “Insanity” can be a bit intimidating at first, but once we learn to push past the name and focus on the MISSION: Push yourself to your MAX and see results of what you’re truly made it – we want to keep going!





High intensity intervals, whether high impact or low, are guaranteed to NOT be easy. The easy stuff never made us into who we are though, right?


My goal week after week – to keep going harder and harder, within a safe realm of form – to increase the progress of my performance. That is, instead of focusing on the scale!



How was your Week in Workouts?

Do you do benchmark check ins on number of reps or form changes to determine your progress?

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