Cooking Challenge fun with Cigna!

At the  Walt Disney World Marathon weekend, I was invited [along with many other fabulous bloggers] to attend a Cooking Challenge with Cigna!


Cigna is not only a health insurance company, but one that offers health and wellness programs through dietary and nutrition assistance.


I was happy to see many buds I knew on Instagram and Twitter or that I hadn’t seen since the last Disney race I did or our in California at the Coast to Coast challenge a couple of years ago! (I didn’t race this weekend, but we all know my love of all things Disney and all things health and wellness!)




We all split into teams and were given a ‘surprise’ protein to create a meal using available starches and veggies and seasonings – oh my!




Our protein? Turkey Breast! Our team name? Team Turkey Stir Fry! Why create a traditional turkey meal instead of mixing it up a little??


I felt like we were on an episode of Chopped, which is one of my favorite shows! BRING IT ON!


Some quick tips from Dietician Jean and Disney Chef and we were on!




We decided to grill the turkey, which I had never tried before but WILL which made the turkey tender and easy to mix in with our stir fry and rice!




We grabbed some green beans and ginger and carrots and and mushrooms created our veggie portion of the meal to keep it balanced and NUTRITIOUS!




By the way, did you know to take out the ‘inside’ part of a portabello mushroom? The underside of the mushroom cap can create indigestion and should be ‘scooped’ out – I had NO idea!


Our finished product was lovely! We kept it slow sodium with light soy sauce and using the ginger as an aromatic.




I was excited to try out the food from our partner teams that included shrimp and grits, pasta with chicken, and a vegan option!


Chef Mickey made an appearance, which only made the day even more fun!




Many of my blogger buds ran the marathon weekend races so were sure to fuel up with delicious food that we all chipped in and made!




Cooking like this helps us to think fast! When given limited ingredients it’s always important to stick to the basics: a protein, a starch, and veggies. You can omit where needed, but it’s great to get a mix of all of these foods particularly when preparing to run a half or full marathon 😉


THANK YOU to Cigna for hosting this event and to all of my blogger buds I got to hang out with!



How do you “Think Fast” in the kitchen to prepare meals?

Do you enjoy watching Chopped and other cooking challenge shows for fun ideas?

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