Weekly Workouts Roundup: Make adjustments as needed!

Week of January 17, 2015:

Saturday 1/17– Max:30 Pulse + PiYo

Sunday 1/18 – Turbo Fire + T25

Monday 1/19– Max:30 Max Cardio + PiYo Class x 2

Tuesday 1/20 – Max:30 Power

Wednesday 1/21 – Insanity practice + Lunch bootcamp + Insanity Class + Fit Camp Class

Thursday 1/22 – Max:30 Max Strength

Friday 1/23 (planned) – Max:30 Friday Night Fight Round 2 (modified due to busy INSANE weekend of Group Fitness certifications including Insanity)


How did I ever fit all of this in with the day job? I HAVE NO IDEA!

I feel this week, it could have been the time of the season (sorry boys, but only girls get this), I was super busy and on full speed mode. I have always felt like I thrive in chaos, but tend to hit walls that make me crash and burn if I don’t take the time to recover if needed.


I’m adding more classes to my schedule starting in February so even with Max:30 being my new baby to do each day and stick to the calendar with, I have to remember to play it smart and make adjustments when necessarily. It’s never a bad thing to be a part of the #ModifySquad on the days I also TEACH Insanity so that my form and energy can be up for my students. When I MAX OUT during a workout, I know I can finish the workout modified – no harm, no foul. It’s also totally okay to SKIP a day if I feel my body is telling me to recharge and not tucker out.


I’m trying to lead by example, so feel free to take the hint if you sound like you’re someone like me and running on all cylinders all of the time.




Sometimes I feel that’s why I dig working out at home so much – I have a plethora of workout options that I can tweak and adjust all in the comfort of my own home. I have even done 1/2 of one workout and 1/2 of another if I want to focus specifically on a certain task. For example, the other day I threw in Turbo Fire for 20 minutes of cardio and then also did 1/2 of my T25 Core workout for a focus on the middle.






If our main focus is nutrition, and fueling our bodies properly (what would I do without Shakeology keeping me going and going and going??) then we have to know that the workouts are icing on the cake and if life gets crazy – take a break. Adjust. Make corrections. Be forgiving of yourself when you feel you are tuckering out. Is it in your head or is your body telling you to slow down. MAKE ADJUSTMENTS AS NEEDED – IT’S ALL GOOD!



How was your week in workouts?

How have you had to or should make adjustments with your schedule and goals?

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