Weekly Workouts Roundup – Month 2 of Max:30

Week of January 10, 2015:

Saturday 1/10– Super Saturday Mega-Workout

Sunday 1/11 – Max:30 Month 2 Mod preview

Monday 1/12– Max:30 Max Cardio + PiYo Class x 2

Tuesday 1/13 – Max:30 Power

Wednesday 1/14 – Max:30 Max Sweat+ Insanity Class + Fit Camp Class

Thursday 1/15 – Max:30 Max Strength

Friday 1/16 (planned) – Max:30 Friday Night Fight Round 2


I was both scared and excited to start the second month of Insanity Max:30 this week! I knew that month 1 was no walk in the park, BUT challenged my body to a whole new level…


30 Day Stats_Max Out


What would the second Month of workouts bring??




I am literally feeling myself get stronger and stronger with each Max workout! I am able to modify the workouts on days I teach Insanity (I can’t double ding myself or risk hurting myself – hello, overtraining!)




Not only am I making sure to still get my workouts in early in the morning when I wake up – trying to keep on an “I work from home now holy crap” schedule – but I feel I am eating a whole lot more consistent and better!


Without the rush around of working all day and trying to figure out meals on the fly – even with food prep – I can make snacks at home using what I have instead of running to get what’s convenient in case I forgot my lunch while I was in the office.





Week by week, the routine is being built! I’m adding in more group fitness classes in February and am excited to continue on with the Beachbody Ambassador program. It’s up and down some days as I find myself wake up in a ‘worry’ state – once I take a moment to pray and know I’m following the plan that God had for me with all he’s laid out I’m okay. I guess after 14 years it’s tough to break an old schedule?



How was your week in workouts?
How long do you feel it takes you to establish a new routine?

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