Weekly Workouts Roundup: Princess Tweetup!

Week of February 21, 2015:

Saturday 2/14– Insanity (on Demand at Disney!) + walking

Sunday 2/15 – Max:30 Max Out Cardio

Monday 2/16– Insanity Rd 11 practice + PiYo Class x 2

Tuesday 2/17 – 2 mile run + 2 PiYo Classes

Wednesday 2/18 – Insanity Class + PiYo Class + Insanity Class + Fit Camp Class

Thursday 2/19 –  5k Run + Insanity Class + Sub Circuit Class

Friday 2/20 (planned) – TurboFire 60 + Walk


This past weekend I was able to head to Orlando to see many of my blogger buds while they were here for Disney’s Princess Half Marathon + Glass Slipper challenge weekend! My Boston sister from another mister, Dani, and I hung out Friday through Saturday before the meet up!




At the same spot we met up at for the Disney race weekend last January, as we met at the Marketplace end of Downtown Disney and had a great turnout! Raffle prizes were given away as we tweeted challenges using our hashtag, #PrincessTweetUp!








Christine made a new buddy immediately.




Team Pursuit in the house! Lisa came down to enjoy some time with family away from the snow and cold up north!


I may not have run that weekend, but being able to see so many friends who came from all over the country to run the Princess Half weekend races was a blast as it always is!





This week’s workouts once again revolved around my teaching schedule. I’m learning to remember to take my time in classes to show the full movement but mostly modify especially in Insanity where things can get beat up (i.e. my knees) as well as make adjustments where needed. Starting next week I won’t be driving out to Tampa as much so that I can work on creating a schedule that fits my life as a fitness coach also.



How was your week in workouts?
Any races coming up for you?
Do you meet up with friends from all over when they come into town for an eventful weekend?


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