AFAA Group Fitness Certification – I passed!

This past February I was able to make the trip to Orlando for AFAA Group Fitness Certification and just got word that I passed!


So, since that bridge has been crossed, I thought I’d share my experience with AFAA Group Fitness Certification with you!


My friend Lisa and I made the trip to Orlando to do the full day workshop together, which helped the day pass much easier!




As part of our process with the Master Trainer program with Beachbody, I was to have an AFAA certification to go with my existing NASM CPT certification.


I wrote HERE about different recommendations or tips about Fitness Certifications, so getting this one was going a bit ‘backward’ for me. In order to provide CEUs once I am able to do Insanity Certifications, I have to also be AFAA certified 😉 I registered for training back in November and planned to attend with my friend Lisa who was also in the Orlando area. We chose an APEX event from AFAA which is a discounted opportunity taking the price from around $299 to $99 for the day – BOOM, savings.



I had to make sure to do some research, especially having had friends already go through the process. (Katy wrote a great post about her experience HERE also.)


When you register you can opt to receive the AFAA Primary Group Fitness book to study along with a study guide. I had a friend let me borrow the book so I didn’t buy it. There are also Study Flash Cards online from Quizlet that I used to refresh my memory on terms and vocabulary that I remembered from the NASM CPT exam.


Day of agenda:

Theoretical exam – 80% to pass, 100 questions

Practical exam – 90% to pass, Group 4 minute Warmup, 4 minute Cardio, then teach the group one exercise with 3 progressions


My personal tips:

✔ Focus on the anatomy and kinesiology section to understand the major muscles in the body

✔ Make a game of it: GET UP and use someone or yourself to learn the body, to understand the planes of motion

✔ Don’t focus on memorizing a TON of vocabulary, but start to incorporate them into your dialogue with others and verbiage so that you understand them

✔ Understand the AFAA 5 Questions and how they relate to your class design and instruction

✔ Using the major muscle groups, start to practice and understand actual exercises that work those muscles to be able to demonstrate and instruct those movements (i.e. chest press, squat)


Here is another helpful post from my friend Katy Widrick on her experience with the same certification



Have you thought about going for a Fitness Certification like AFAA?
Are you certified? What tips would you share?


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