Fitting it all in: The glorification of “Busy”

“I’m so busy.”


“There’s no way I have time to fit that in.”


“When would I find the time??”


“I feel like such a busy body!”


Have you ever thought or said these things, like me? I’m sure you have, shoot, I do it to this day – and just like focusing on pushing past the FEAR I’ve also been focusing on not GLORIFYING “BUSY.”


The “definition” of BUSY as a noun is having a great deal to do. Meanwhile, the verb means to keep occupied. 


So, why do we assimilate the word BUSY with having mostly a negative connotation to it?


How can we focus in understanding that WHAT we do is many times a CHOICE based on our PRIORITIES in life? A little bit of self reflection goes a long way, right?


For example, if we have to watch after [you, not me, because I don’t have any – not it!] kids, or have to cook dinner, or have to go to work, or have to workout, or are traveling, or are catching up on our DVR, we say, “we’re busy.”


Let’s use ME as an example – why not?? I know that I am pretty OCD and like a routine. So, when I’m “busy” I know it’s because I’ve set up a schedule [future blog post by the way] of the things I need to take care of in a day. However, I do get distracted. Easily. SQUIRREL! So, when I get sidetracked, I am even more occupied with the stuff I needed to do in the first place! Again, why I start WITH a schedule. I have to remember that those things need BALANCE and that if I want to add something in, I may have to say NO sometimes or prioritize what means most.


To me, it’s God, Family, and myself (health, inner peace time….) –  I have been working on those 3 priorities in my life coming FIRST before I pop open the computer or turn over the phone to click on notifications. They are a MUST for me.  I used to find myself telling my husband “I’m busy, honey, what is it?” but that’s not a feel good for either of us and what was I really doing that was so important?


Getting back to my original point, I had to take out the negative connotation of the WORD busy.  I had to start saying things like “It looks like I have a full schedule that day, but let’s look at this day” instead of “Ugh…I’m so busy, I don’t know when I can do ____ .”


Putting a positive spin on what we want to accomplish can take that glorification off of BUSY. Our lives are special and so is everyone and everything in them, so we may not get to everything NOW but we can one day. We can make sure our priorities are in order FIRST and then tackle our “to-dos.”


To-dos like:

* Workouts

* Family time

* Time to prep meals

* Quality time with our partner…


THAT’s how we stop GLORIFYING “BUSY!” – easy enough to put into play, right? 😉



What are your main 3 priorities in life?

How will you try to avoid glorifying “Busy?”




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