Weekly Workouts Roundup: P90X LIVE Certification

Week of May 2, 2015:

Saturday 5/2– Travel to DC, lots of walk with the dogs

Sunday 5/3 – P90X LIVE Training all day

Monday 5/4– Travel Home (SORE) + Faith + Fitness Class (P90X + PiYo LIVE)

Tuesday 5/5 –2 mile walk + Insanity Round practice

Wednesday 5/6 – 2 mile walk + Insanity Class + PiYo Class + PiYo Class + Fit Camp Class

Thursday 5/7 –  4 mile walk + Insanity Class + PiYo Class

Friday 5/8 (planned) – Bonus workout / active rest / Walk


I headed to DC for a short trip for training and was able to stay with my family and these big guys:






Yup, these guys – namely that dog-cow in the back – were almost my size! They were the biggest, sweetest, boys though! It made not being with Jaeden a little easier 😉


I was in DC for P90X LIVE training! – I was even able to yolk one of my cousins to do the certification WITH me! I am SO proud of her – this was her first fitness certification ever – as she stepped outside of her comfort zone to learn about a workout she loves so much and pay it forward to others! We were trained by Tina Durkin, who is a Master Trainer for Beachbody LIVE (the program that I’m in right now.)



Check out our shoe game!


Many of you have probably done or seen the at-home P90x workout from Tony Horton – I did the workouts myself! Over the years, the workout progressed and shortened (Holy 90 minutes to an amazing 30 minute burn) in workout time length but added in varying new exercises and progression training methods.


The P90X LIVE workouts offer a rich variety of intense routines from cardio to resistance training, strength training, plyometrics, ab work, and more. Using the science of Muscle Confusion, P90X constantly switches things up (the blocks, the protocols, the rep ranges) to help bust through plateaus. Plus, there are modifications so people at any level can partake. And, with the option of using weights, resistance bands, or even bodyweight to complete the workouts, your body is always guessing!



Instagram: KatrinaElleP





There was about a dozen of us total and we pushed through the 55 minute LIVE class before breaking it down and learning how to teach the group fitness format of P90X.



Free gun show!






It was a fun-filled day with lots of bicep curls, death stars, and sweat – but with more fitness friends to add to my life, who can argue with that??





Have you tried P90X – what do you love/hate about it?

Cow-dogs, would you own one?

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