Weekly Workouts Roundup: Caught the Cooties

Week of May 23, 2015:

Saturday 5/23– Rest Day – Sick

Sunday 5/24 – Rest Day – Sick

Monday 5/25– 2 mile walk + Mini Workout

Tuesday 5/26 – 1 Hour walk + Insanity Rd 13

Wednesday 5/27 – 2 Mile Walk + Insanity Class + PiYo Class + Insanity Class + Fit Camp Class

Thursday 5/28 – 2 Mile Walk + Insanity Class + PiYo Class

Friday 5/29 (planned) – Active Rest Day


Cooties. Yup, they got me. AFTER TWO YEARS of not getting sick-sick, it happened.




I’ve struggled with allergen-induced Asthma for some time now and know that this time of year it gets a little hairy – but you mix in being on a plane a couple of times in the month and that’ll do it too!




I’m not saying Yes or No.


I am saying that SUPER tough workouts aren’t smart to do while working out and that my body tends to do well with a couple of days of rest. After that, I like to try to get moving with a short cardio workout which can sometimes boost my immunity and get me moving – especially if I’m trying to gauge how I’ll be when I need to go teach in the week.I do feel that for super tough strength or endurance workouts, being sick may not be the best time to do that.


I had a good run, but the cooties caught up with me. I will continue to work on boosting my immunity back up since it’d been so long, but to be ‘laid up’ 3 days wasn’t terribly bad. I was able to rest through the Memorial Day weekend and be back and ready to teach on my Wednesday and Thursday schedule YAY!





I mean, I did have NEW LESSONS to debut and I couldn’t hold in my excitement!




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Have the cooties caught up with you this cold and allergy season?
What’s your best remedy for the sniffles and coughs?

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