I’m a Big Kid: Star Wars Weekends 2015

When you live in Florida – about an hour from Disney World – you try to take advantage!


I’ve been a Disney World annual passholder for a little over a year now because we figure why not save tons of money on regular admission and also be able to have some local fun at the same time! I’ve done a ton of posts about Disney World and once again this year we made our way back to visit for Star Wars Weekends!


Ever since I was a kid, I remember watching Star Wars with my brothers and playing with all of his ‘guy toys’ instead of my Strawberry Shortcake dolls and Barbies .. who I just cut the hair off of and wondered why it never grew back…

Venturing off into far-away lands always seemed fun to me – even now as I’m older I love watching Star Wars! Why? Because I can go away from reality I guess? LOL. I love it, the characters and the languages they speak and the ships and the zipping through the galaxy – call me looney or call me a Wookie!




Chewbacca is my favorite character, by the way. Where there’s a Wookie, there’s a way!


Star Wars weekends takes place at Hollywood Studios, one of the four Orlando Disney World Parks.


Storm Troopers are geared up and ready to greet you into the park as ALL THINGS STAR WARS is the theme:




Our favorite part of Star Wars weekends is the Legends of the Force parade that happens right before lunch time. We usually get to the part pretty early and stay for the parade before heading out to eat. We’re excited not only for the costumes but to see characters from the movies make appearances!



Like, Frank Oz, the voice of Yoda



Or Pete Mayhew, CHEWBACCA himself




Or Ray Park, Darth Maul



OR R2D2!


There’s even trivia to keep your mind fresh and learning more about Star Wars!






For anyone visiting Disney World I always recommend they come for this time of year (End of May through June) even though it’s hot for the summer, or for the Food and Wine Festival in October/November, or for Christmas time!



Who is your favorite Star Wars character?

Were you a Star Wars fan? GI Joe fan? Strawberry Shortcake Fan?




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