Weekly Workouts Roundup: Loving Beachbody LIVE

Week of May 30, 2015:

Saturday 5/30– 4 mile walk + Insanity practice

Sunday 5/31 – ALL DAY – INSANITY Live certification

Monday 6/1– Cize workout

Tuesday 6/2 – P90X Live practice

Wednesday 6/3– Cize + Insanity Class + PiYo Class + Insanity Class + Fit Camp Class (P90x Live)

Thursday 6/4 – 2 Mile Walk + Insanity Class + PiYo Class

Friday 6/5 (planned) – Active Rest Day


Who would’ve thought that I would end up being a group fitness instructor?? MUCH LESS be in the program to certify others to do the same thing in INSANITY? When I think about how much I have gotten involved with Beachbody LIVE I am still in disbelief! I certified in INSANITY LIVE almost 2 years ago, and then PiYo LIVE last June, and now P90X LIVE rounds out the repertoire – Beachbody LIVE workouts are my favorite!




So, here’s the thing. I will admit I am a bit lazy. NOT because I don’t want to teach, of course that’s not it. I feel like I’m lazy when it comes to program design and watching the clock! I have done bootcamp or other classes where I feel like I am spending more time creating my class and looking at the interval times rather than coaching my class and focusing on THEM!


With Beachbody LIVE formats, I can get the choreography ahead of time as well as the music FOR the class and focus more on form and technique and coaching my peeps to PUSH THEIR HARDEST so that they have the best experience possible – that’s a WIN in my book!




✓ Pre-designed programming including exercise modifications and movements, music, and interval timing

✓ DVD that includes form and technique along with the live workout sample

✓ AMAZING music that is designed after top hits

✓ FUN fellow instructors on the DVDs who show cueing tips and techniques

✓ NO need for licensing fees to teach

✓ LOGOS, social media tools, flyers and posters and postcards – all with branding and logos provided





✓ FUN and EXPERIENCED Master Trainers and Trainers who lead the way

✓ The ability to learn from others in your group with lots of group interaction

✓ A preview of the entire LIVE class per format

✓ Virtual manuals available via PDF

✓ Online support before and after training day


I have to say I’m PRETTY EXCITED for Cize LIVE certification so that I can enjoy teaching another format where I get to bee-bop around and dance with my class – the best workout is the one that doesn’t feel like a workout, right?




My life literally has done a 180! I went from the girl who was in the back of the class when I got brave enough to TAKE a Group Fitness class to the person who realized how impactful she could be if she used her experience TO teach.


You never know what you could do for others by stepping outside of that comfort zone!


If you want to stay tuned for WHEN I LEAD a BEACHBODY LIVE certification, feel free to subscribe to by blog newsletter, email me at katrinaellep@gmail.com or message me on Facebook!



What’s your favorite format to take or teach in a group fitness setting?

What’s the bravest thing you’ve done through your own fitness journey experience?

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