Coach Summit 2015 – Nashville!

You may have seen my social media blow up while we were in Nashville, TN a couple of weeks ago – the awesomeness that IS BEACHBODY COACH SUMMIT 2015 was hard to mask… my apologies 😉




I have to remember that not everyone knows WHAT Summit is or WHY we have it or WHO the heck is there – so why not clear that up for you ay? Basically, over 20, 000 coaches from ALL OVER come together to learn and connect and hangout and have fun together once a year! We get to participate in workouts LIVE that we usually do at home, enjoy our beloved Shakeology mixes, learn from Top Coaches, and just LOVE each other!


Beachbody LIVE – I arrived in Nashville early with my family to spend some time with my Master Trainer family before the actual Summit kicked off. We were treated to a day of camp that included a super workout with head trainers as well as team building in a downtown Scavenger Hunt!




Wednesday I had the privilege of assisting with the PiYo Certification of around 100 new instructors!




In my first year at Summit [in Las Vegas] we were a small group of two, but Team Pursuit has grown and many new coaches were able to join us for our time in Nashville! Bonding with our team was an important part of our week!




Much like at blogger conferences and meet ups, being able to be around our team coaches included time for hugs and catch-up with our friends we don’t get to see very often who live in other states!










Don’t let me forget about the LIVE Workshops and Speakers and Workouts – oh my!







Why not try to break a world record for the largest group without either? We went from the waterfront to past 7th Avenue on Broadway – whoa.


The City of Nashville was one I hadn’t been to before so I was VERY excited to try out the food! Per locals, we were headed to try out the best Hot Chicken in the city! We headed to Hattie B’s which did NOT disappoint!







My fabulous brother was able to capture some beautiful photos in Nashville to boot!


We’ll be back in 2016 and I can’t wait to see the growth of our team inside and out!



How do you see a new city? Sights or foods first?

Have you been to Nashville before?

What parts of Summit do you feel you’d enjoy the most?

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