Lessons learned from my first Garage Sale

This summer we decided to keep with the theme of PURGING in our life and try to do our first GARAGE SALE!


I have never ever had a Garage sale in my life! I always thought that they would be the most stressful things ever and would just donate items or put them on Craigslist. Yet, since I’m the girl who loves to always experience things for the first time NO MATTER WHAT, I thought “What the heck, what do we have to lose?”



I asked lots of friends and bloggers for advise and realized I needed to have a system. YAY for being OCD anyway! I decided to find some signs and ended up finding a Garage Sale Kit on Amazon that was not only SUPER affordable but ended up having even MORE tips and tools to keep me on task!



So, I had waterproof signs, stickers that were already PRE-PRICED, an apron to look legit, and markers! The only thing we ended up getting in addition to the kit was the Wooden Stakes used to affix the signs to. Hubby and I then went through the WHOLE HOUSE. We went into dressers and drawers and found things that we had NO MORE use for or that we hadn’t used in who-knows-how-long. We made a huge pile of STUFF and started pricing – it only took us a couple of hours to do that. We set aside our pile in a back bedroom so that it didn’t get clustered into other areas.



We decided to create a Craislist ad for the sale – I used Canva to create a flyer to make it look “all fancy.” We added in pricing for our larger items and highlighted the hours we would be open from. We also created enough signs to go out and place around the neighborhood, going out about 2 miles to the largest intersection closest to us. We made sure that we got to bed early if we wanted to be up and be SPRITELY for our shoppers 😉






We multi-tasked like a boss! Our weekends are for us to spend time together and relax, so we put out a table and chairs we had for sale. We tinkered with our punching bag and rearranged items between customers. When hubby was inside I was able to also blog and we food-prepped at the same time! WIN-WIN!



Being a person who LOVES checklists and would have LOVED to have this list before we did our sale, here you go!


•  PRICE EVERYTHING – you may still bargain back and forth but it makes life easier than answering people when they are interested in something and also helps them see what they would even want to buy in the first place.


•  CREATE SIGNAGE – Like we did, put up sales around your neighborhood listing the address, times, and days. Also, after the sale, take them back down. No one wants to liter OR have people knocking on their door at odd hours. Also make signs for AROUND your area to let people know specs like “No Restrooms”… “All Prices Marked”… ” It’ll make your life easier, trust me.






•  WATCH OUT FOR DATES – We didn’t even think that it was Father’s Day on the Sunday of our sale and even on Sundays most people are at church. So, if we were to do it over again we’d just do Saturday and avoid a holiday weekend all together. For hours, know that people will come by early between the hours of 8-9am mostly. That’s what we noticed anyway – we were out at 6am and no one came until around 8.


•  MAKE EVERYTHING VISIBLE – Using tables and sheets or covers, put EVERYTHING out so that people can see it. They don’t want to dig through a box of movies or kitchen items, they want to see it all. Also, keep areas clear so that you can keep an eye on your space and block off access to your home via the garage door.


PLACE BIGGER ITEMS IN THE DRIVEWAY TO DRIVE TRAFFIC – Weather permitting, put bigger items out front so that people can see it. Believe it or not, people will literally drive past you – not wave back – and keep driving if they don’t have an ‘eye-catching’ item to draw them in. I’m the type of person who likes to dig and look into smaller items, but most garage-salers aren’t that way. They are on a mission to find something specific.


•  GET THEM TO TALK – I am such an outgoing person, I have no problem chatting with people, but I made an extra effort to ask people “Is there anything specific you’re looking for today?” So ,if I had furniture or tools or smaller items they couldn’t immediately see but were interested in, I could show them those.


•  FIND OTHER THINGS YOU CAN DO IN THE DOWNTIME – Like I said, we were able to food-prep and I was able to blog while we were ‘scheduled’ for our garage sale. You don’t have to just sit and wait for people to come – there will be quiet times so you could even do laundry, chat with the neighbors, and make the most of the experience!



What tips would you add if you are a Garage Sale aficionado?

What items would you look for if shopping around?

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    July 1, 2015, 8:19 am

    Thanks for these tips!! We are hoping to have a yard sale soon too. You SO had some things I would have loved to check out, but I saw the post right before heading to sleep for work that night. 🙁
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    July 3, 2015, 1:12 am

    I too have been on a quest to purge all of my unnecessary items which are just taking up space or resulting in added clutter. Selling the items would be a great way to earn some summer fun money.

    Thanks for sharing this post with TBBloggers
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