Plastic Surgery to boost confidence: my Mastopexy

More and more as I write here, I’m realizing the power of sharing my story … parts of my story that may seem private to me but that I know will help others learn more about me and more to help THEM on their own personal journey.


Boys, this post may not be for you but could benefit you if you read through it – for someone you love or if you’ve been thinking of plastic surgery for your own self confidence.


I have had 3 surgeries in my life: getting my wisdom teeth taken out, LASIK, and in 2011 I had a double mastopexy done. There are maybe a handful of people in my life who even know that I have had a breast lift [mastopexy] done after my weight loss and why…until now…


When I was overweight, and decided to yo-yo diet instead of learn how to eat and workout properly, I bounced back and forth between weight. That, in and of itself, can take a huge toll on your body. Our skin is meant to stretch and our muscles are meant to fill in those gaps as well as support our bones. However, when we lose weight too quickly or gain it too quickly it can’t keep up with the demand. I was pushing upwards of a 36 DDD – on my 5’2″ frame that can be a lot of volume up top with the “girls.”


I began to have issues with my back hurting, slouching and having bad posture, and overall having really bad self esteem issues. I had to wear more than one sports bra to even try to workout or jump. I layered clothing to keep things conservative when I felt my “girls” were too much…it began to weigh on my self-confidence and lifestyle in general especially when I wanted to workout more and focus on my health in 2010.




I made attempts to use my health insurance due to the strain that I felt on my back and the constant massages I had to have for the pain, but after 5 rejections I decided I would just do it on my own – for myself. Don’t even get me started on the reasoning they declined me: I was too small in stature to “require” the surgery, I should go see a chiropractor for my back pain instead….


In January 2011 I booked my surgery and it was the same month that hubby proposed to me, ironically. He said he wanted me to always remember he was there for me in good and bad times – aw! The surgery itself was a ‘good’ experience: the staff and facility were both great to me and I was in and out in a few hours. The next day, was not so fun. Hubby and I are both squeamish about blood and he had to help me change my dressings and take a shower – it could only help us grow closer right?


I took two weeks off of work when I honestly only needed a week to recover. I was able to walk around 7 days post-surgery and start the heeling process. It was no fun to wear front-closure sports bras – not super attractive – but I wanted to be sure to take care of my new “girls!”


When asked if I would do the surgery over again I always say “YES” even if it came to paying for it again. I found a new sense of confidence that I hadn’t had growing up. I was the girl who ‘developed early’ and always had a bigger chest on a smaller framed body. Now, I feel like I’m proportioned. It’s a personal choice to choose to do plastic surgery, and I always say that if it helps your confidence and for you to feel more like YOU, then go for it! You only live once!






[I didn’t feel a need to add a graphic before and after photo, even in cartoon form, of what a Mastopexy looks like. That’s what Google is for, right?]



I hope that sharing my own experience will help others who may be struggling with their own personal decisions when it comes to what will and won’t help their self confidence. I DID NOT do this to ‘cheat the system’ and use plastic surgery AS a means to lose weight – I did it to help me BE MORE ACTIVE and have more movement to do weight loss the ‘old fashioned’ way…


Would you have plastic surgery to boost your self-confidence?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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