ANYONE can do Insanity!

You may think I’m crazy to even write that header….but it’s true!


I’ve chatted a lot about WHY I love this workout so much, but I want to dive today into HOW anyone can DO the workout …


YES, it’s true! Dont’ forget – I HAD to start somewhere too before I used BIGGER movements!


Many of us know that there are a lot of PLYOMETRIC moments within the Insanity workout, right? Defined, that means means EXPLOSIVE or JUMPING movements.


Let’s take a look at RANGE of MOTION next – Defined, it means: the FULL movement potential of a joint.


The basis of my findings relates to one thing: MODIFYING LIKE A BOSS!


Within the Insanity Max:30 workout, for example, there is a modifier you can lock in on the screen who you can follow to take things down a notch. TAKING IT DOWN A NOTCH doesn’t mean a thing in regards to effort or work! It just means that you are starting at a level of fitness that matches your current state and you can work up to become more and more intense – keeping it modified keeps us SAFER than going “ALL OUT” does.


So, when I talk about PLYOMETRICS…I mean to TAKE THAT OUT of the move initially. When I talk about RANGE OF MOTION, shorteninng that (a.k.a. increasing the angle between the joint) alleviates initial strain and can help us to build UP TO a larger movement!


Let me show you what I mean using a photo from Super Sunday Orlando in July. I was the instructor for our INSANITY Portion of the workout – the LIVE version of INSANITY is VERY similar to the Max:30 workout – and my co-part Andrew (in the neon shirt behind me) was the modifier taking things down just a notch. Trust me, I was modifying most of the time on the shaky stage!





Yes, short girls CAN jump – but that’s a whole other post!


Andrew NEVER left the ground in these moves: Hit the floor/tuck jump. He did NO plyometrics, and shortened the range of motion to NOT touch the floor when we came down. In the landing position, we were turned to the side in a lunge, and Andrew was able to only bring his name to his knee when we had ours to the floor – shortening that joint range of motion.


In a squat or lunge, you don’t have to go super low…in a pushup you can make the bend in the elbow shorter…you choose your level to keep it save and build up!


So, if you ever make it to an INSANITY LIVE class – preferably with me – you can modify with me and get just as hard of a workout.


HIGH INTENSITY doesn’t have to = HIGH IMPACT 😉


This is Marilyn, she’s been coming to my lunchtime INSANITY class for about 3 months now. She was super nervous the first time she walked into class and I assured her I would help a sister out and show her modifications to start out and keep her safe! She has barely missed a class each week and is my MASTER MODIFIER doing high intensity but low impact and does it like a BOSS! I’m so super proud of her progress and how she sets the #NoExcuses example for others to give this workout a shot!





Have you learned how to modify your workouts to progress better?

What other modifications have you done in the past?

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