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Those who know me best know that I live according to the 80/20 rule. I try to eat whole food nutrition each and every day – it’s the bulk of my intake. HOWEVER, I also believe in living life fully and that includes trying new foods and exploring restaurants and enjoying life – WORK HARD, PLAY HARD!


When I was in Tampa, I was notorious for being on Yelp – an app where you can find local reviews of businesses (mainly places to eat, for me lol) and get the 411 right from the mouths of locals who’ve been there before.


When I knew I was moving to Vegas, my little foodie heart lit on fire! I knew I was heading to a town that was not only known for its buffets and indulgences ON the strip, but that there was a huge diversity of cuisine OFF of the strip ready and waiting for me to explore! … and boy was I right! I was ready to try out Vegas cuisine!


I went to my first event the Monday after we arrived! It was at the opening of the Shake Shack in Summerlin (Northwest Vegas area) and I thought “What do I have to lose? I could meet some really cool people out of this!” so I went and met the amazing crew of the Las Vegas Yelp Elite Squad!


The even “tagged” me with their name-tags as my initiation into the family – you can’t ask for a bette welcome than that!




I will give you the RUNDOWN of a few of my favorite finds SO FAR because I know I have SO MUCH MORE left to explore! I’m all about small, local, restaurants versus nation-wide chains (multiple locations are okay) but never discriminate against a well-known restaurant just to try it out! (Check out the full reviews on Yelp in the link to the restaurants below!)


… and you can’t shoot me because I’m “Miss Insanity Fitness Girl”… I believe in the 80/20 rule and I ain’t ashamed of it! 😉


♦ THERAPY – Downtown Fremont Street

After taking my bestie down to Container Park (my next mention) we ventured down the street to discover Therapy – which had great initial reviews and was a newer restaurant. You can’t beat Traditional American cuisine with a twist including their take on Chicken and Waffles and different charred and roasted veggies! This girl doesn’t usually drink hard liquor and their Smash cocktail (made with bourbon and blackberries) was not to be reckoned with!




♦ Also, IN Container Park is Oak and Ivy – a quaint little bar that specializes in handcrafted cocktails made with the finest of care and old school traditions. The bartenders wore bowties and told us tales of their recipes that included bases of peanut butter syrup and creme brulee torching!


♦ A regular place I like to go to for lunch and to work is Greens and Proteins. They have free WiFi and all things healthy! Including various proteins and fresh produce! My favorite are their tofu ‘fries!’


You can get the FULL REVIEW SCOOP on my YELP PAGE > HERE


My advice for anyone visiting Vegas is to get OFF of the strip to find less-expensive and better food made with love! If you can’t cab it too far, you can hit up Fremont / Downtown or take an Uber! 😉


Do you like to stay on or go off of the beaten path in a new city?



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