Who surrounds you dictates your SUCCESS

I’ll always remember what Jim Rohn, one my favorite motivational speakers, said regarding how our success is determined by the law of averages: “We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.”




I’ve written a post about how positive circles of influence really do motivate us to do bigger and better things in life. This post is kind of a continuation of that. How, when we want to aim for the stars we should really take a good look at who we’re surrounded with in order to make that happen and keep motivated on that path!




I will start out by saying that I definitely think having a plethora of friends and family around you with different personalities and different characteristics helps to keep our lives diverse and full of variety. What I’m talking about with this post is who you’re close circle is in regards to what your goals are professionally and personally.

Those closest to us: 
▪️ … are the ones that we open up to. So, if we keep those close to us who support our goals and our mission in life we will feel free to be open and collaborative with them.
▪️ … Influence our thoughts. If you think about this, if we are around others who don’t have the same likes or the same mission as us when it comes to our personal and professional goals, we can be influenced in a way that can distract us. For example, if you are someone who wants to open your own business but those You are closest to don’t believe in entrepreneurial ship been there may be some conflict. Our thoughts should be cultivated with positivity and in the direction in which we want to move in.
▪️ … Are there through the tough times. With anything in life whether it’s weight loss, fitness, a new career, there can be ups and downs. Those that are closest to us are the ones that we confide in and that we talk to and who hear us at our worst. Those that support and empower us to look at solutions after they listen to our concerns will encourage us to keep going no matter what.
Positivity breeds positivity and negativity can do the same! 
Ensure SUCCESS by being sure those around you want the same for you through the good and the bad!
You can also be that leader to bring together others for support and encouragement! It takes one leader to start a revolution around positivity! This video is my favorite example of that:




What are some characteristics of those you surround yourself with to ensure your success?

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