Modify like a BOSS!

Modifications have been a blessing to me on my fitness journey. Sometimes people tend to think that taking an exercise down a notch can be a bad thing, however it’s not! Our bodies are made to move in a certain way and sometimes we do things like sitting or being an active it can cause our bodies not to move the way it should. So, all of us have the ability to do exercises and moves at different levels-but we should keep in mind we want to work well within our realm of capability to avoid injury which is the most important thing.

Modification is all about either increasing range of motion or decreasing it, increasing speed or decreasing it, as well as giving options to keep the body challenge at all times. It’s by no means an indication that someone isn’t “good enough” or “strong enough” instead they are actually being smart and keeping things safe at a place that works best for them.
They are three things to keep in mind we want to modify a move, make it progressed, or regress the movement:
1) Range of Motion
2) Speed of movement
3) Stability of a movement
Here is a video on me discussing how to “Modify like a BOSS!”


What process do you go through to ensure you’re working on form > speed?

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    April 5, 2016, 6:27 pm

    Modifying. HA! Um, have I told you that I am not all that good with CHANGE – lol!

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