22 Minute Hard Corps – Review with a bump

Many of you know that I started the 22 Minute Hard Corps workout Program when we got back from our Cruise and vacation in March — also the same time I found out that I was pregnant LOL.


Nonetheless, I wanted to finish what I started and see this program through from start to finish! I had to keep in mind that I was completing the program between teaching and lots of crazy body changes, so I had to be forgiving of my progress each day!



a DAILY reminder


Premise of this workout program: “Spend 22 minutes a day with Tony Horton, and you’ll walk away with Salute-Worthy Results. In 22 MINUTE HARD CORPS, legendary trainer Tony Horton creates a challenging but simple-to-follow workout program inspired by training techniques used by the military. Each workout is a quick-and intense-total- body drill designed to get you “boot camp fit” in just 8 weeks.:


Our interpretation:

You do boot-camp style workouts, using equipment such as a sandbag, resistance bands, a mat, and dumbbells, in about 22 minutes a day to increase your strength and endurance all while feeling like a part of the boot camp team! You simplify workouts into three categories: Resistance, Cardio, and Core.




The 8 week schedule seemed doable especially if the workouts were 22 minutes each. There was an awesome warmup you could add in whenever sore or needing more of a warmup called “Cold Start” which was super functional. You worked on optioning up joints and muscles and warming up safely and it was only an extra 11 minutes or so.



The Cold Start warmup was my best friend!


Gary and I did this workout program together. So, I have to admit it was refreshing to have him doing the workout before work to pass it on to me to do when I got up in the morning. Many of the workouts I had to adjust or modify due to my teaching schedule:


Monday: PiYo

Tuesday: INSANITY Express + PiYo

Wednesday: INSANITY (twice) + Endurance

Thursday: INSANITY Express

Friday: PiYo


Sometimes if I was sore from a lot of PiYo strengthening, I mixed in some fun cardio from a walk or run with Tayler and also used the bonus workout DVD included [when you buy through a coach, like me!]



These workouts made for lots of variety


Gary even made the workouts grittier in the garage using On Demand access!

Gary even made the workouts grittier in the garage using On Demand access!


What we loved: You really felt as if you were a part of the team! I loved slowing down my movements so that I was able to go at the right pace with the counts and even counted aloud with the DVD! Gary loved that the exercises were interesting and used compound movements to work muscles from all angles. The quick workouts made it easy to fit into our day and blend with my schedule and our other workouts. We also liked the progression from week to week.


What we may not have loved: My only complaint has been the absence of a low impact modifier. Like INSANITY Max:30, I was hoping to have an option for someone not wanting to jump at ALL. There was a modifier, but they were still jumping [just not as high.]


This program is a great quick workout to throw into our weekly regimen, especially the Core workouts!


Maybe this would be fun to try, not pregnant? 😉


Have you done 22 Minute Hard Corps and have feedback?

Would you try a 22 minute workout to help you fit in workouts any time of the day?


Feel free to email me at KatrinaElleP@gmail.com with any questions about this program or others that you’d like to throw into your goals and current programming! (also check out the CONTACT ME tab on the HOME screen of my website!)

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    June 13, 2016, 6:42 pm

    I am curious to hear about how you modified due to your pregnancy. Please, when you get a chance email me @ sbrnhghs@gmail.com. I have completed one round of 22 MHC and just started my 2nd round, but also just found out I am pregnant. I want to stay with it, but I know it is really intense. Any suggestions would be welcomed. THANKS!

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