IDEA World 2016

It’s been a whopping 2 and a half years since I’ve gotten to attend an IDEA FIT event — so I was overdue when I made it to IDEA World 2016 in Los Angeles this year!


The last time I got to attend an event was in 2014 when I entered the Face of Reebok One Contest in Virginia!




My intention was to get in some CEUs (Continuing Education credits) for my fitness certifications because Kiala is making her appearance right before a few expire! I flew into L.A. Thursday to meet up with a fellow Master Trainer who was my roomie, and wanted to attend sessions all day Friday and some over the course of the weekend.




I remembered, also that the 2016 Blogfest was taking place at the same time so even got to see a ton of my blogger buds I hadn’t seen in some time!




I did see Gigi back in March when I was in LA, but it doesn’t hurt to bounce around the expo together and try all of the free samples, right?! I got to do a Bosu 3D Xtreme workout with my girls Tammy and Shannon who I miss down in Florida!




I snagged a lot of great ideas for more circuit workouts with my clients and classes to add more variety into my classes. I also took sessions that were motivational and others that were nutrition-focused. I feel my next certification will be centered around nutrition so I keep expanding my knowledge!




In traditional fashion, I made regular visits to the expo to see a little at a time. I bumped into Jericho, one of Beachbody’s newest celebrity trainers acquired from Les Mills, who just had her baby boy about a year ago. She was so cute to share her “Mom Bod” journey with me and talk all things strollers and babies!




Since we did two workouts on Friday, Saturday I decided to do a mini workout in the hotel gym before our Beachbody live medley workout for Blogfest.




Fellow Master Trainers presented Turbo Kick Live, P90X Live, Cize Live, INSANITY Live, Country Heat Live, and PiYo Live to a room full of bloggers who were hungry to get their sweat on with the #Sweatpink girls!




My Highlights:

  • Bottega Louie being a block away from our hotel – if you’re in downtown L.A., check it out!
  • Teresa and I, my fellow MT, got to have lots of laughs and fun together
  • Bringing my Shakeology to have every day
  • I learned a ton in my sessions to take back to classes with me
  • Sweating together with fit fam a.k.a. like-minded positive people who lift each other up!

My Low Lights:

  • Missing my boys
  • Eating out too much and letting the baby rule my diet


There’s nothing quite like getting 1.7 hours of CEU’s in one action-packed weekend!


Have you been to IDEA World or IDEA Fit East or West? Did you attend IDEA World 2016?

— Next year IDEA World will be in Las Vegas!

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