Knowing your limits: When to modify



I had to start this post out with a little tough love from Darth!


I’ve done a post before about HOW to Modify Like a Boss, and in that post I share lots of ways to adjust your form so that you can take an exercise and take it down a notch. No worries, anytime 😉


My goal in writing this post today was to chat about how to know WHEN to modify — WHY would anyone want to and how can you tell it’s time to regress a move to keep yourself save and keep you GOING period!


Allow me to share some of my personal experience as of late since I’ve been experiencing shortness of breath and lower blood pressure with miss Kiala baking in my belly. Sometimes in my own workouts, or in class, I can tell that if I go into a jump or a move and I know it won’t end successfully, perhaps I should take it down a notch. I don’t bend or move the way I once did and I would never want to put her or myself in jeopardy – it’s totally not worth it!


Whenever I’ve learned choreography for a new lesson I’m teaching, the modifications are my main focus. WHY? Because I want to be able to demonstrate every move + the modification to my students so that I welcome EVERYONE of every level into my class. Also, so that someone knows there’s nothing wrong with modifying, if they are tired to modify and not stop, and that you can still kick your own butt MODIFYING — is my point being made?


I totally get it, I’ve been the girl who could jump and bounce all over — but there’s a time and a place for that. Sometimes our bodies are telling us to stay at a certain range of motion. I even think about all of my wonderful master modifying students who’ve come through my classes, and just how sweaty and tinkered they were at the end of class because they pushed to THEIR limit — no one elses.




How to know WHEN to modify:

✓ Are you getting tired and form is out of wack?

✓ Are you not able to breathe properly

✓ Does it hurt when you try to do a move to the hardest level

✓ When your instructor suggests it


Modifying isn’t a disease or something bad! It’s the SMARTEST thing you can do to successfully finish a workout without injury!



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