Pregnancy Update: Weeks 15-20

Oh the adventures in pregnancy continue!




Here’s a little update from me on how things are going these past bit of weeks!




Kiala is growing and by week 24 she should weigh a whopping pound! She’s starting to take shape and I can even see her adorable smile!




Here’s the Cliff’s notes version of how I felt week by week:


WEEK 15 –

Symptoms: Why hello maternity pants and shorts, feeling bloated, sour = yum

WEEK 16 –

Symptoms: Still feeling bloated, shortness of breath, hips don’t lie

WEEK 17 –

Symptoms: Round ligament pain in my abs, shortness of breath, usual cravings subsiding

WEEK 18 –

Symptoms: Still round ligament pain, shortness of breath, craving sour and sweet

WEEK 19 –

Symptoms: Give me sugar! Round ligament pain subsiding depending on my exercise, shortness of breath on stairs

WEEK 20 –

Symptoms: MOODY, breathing improving, wanting sugar off and on but getting in a ton more veggies


I’m not feeling much internally like I was in first trimester around nausea or feeling tired. I AM feeling it on the outside! BYE BYE ABS an HELLO HIPS!


I have the energy to last me days and feel great teaching! I am happy that I cut back my schedule, though, so allow for more time coaching at home and relaxing when needed to not overdo it.


Baby Log Wk 20


We’re excited to plan some trips coming up before the baby comes and already tackled San Francisco — we haven’t been here before and plan to go back with Kiala!


FullSizeRender 2


To balance out the craziness with chocolates and all things San Fran, I did get in a workout each and every day with my good friend and her roomie and hubby!




Not a TON to report these few weeks of pregnancy except I feel GREAT and just am dealing with mega hormones raging through my body — no biggie at all, right? 😉


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