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It’s funny that just a few years ago, I became an Apple girl. Through a partnership with Verizon, I was able to try out the iPhone 5s. Ever since that time, I’ve transitioned to almost everything APPLE! I use a Macbook, iPad, Nano, and my iPhone just about every day! So, when they asked me to review the Samsun Galaxy S7 I did a BIG GULP and decided to go in REVERSE!




  • I was provided a Samsung Galaxy S7 in exchange for my honest and full review. This is disclosure that I received the product in exchange for a blog post review. All opinions are my own.


Hubby and I had Samsung Galaxy’s before our iPhone transition. We loved the camera, bigger screen, and overall ease of use with the phone. There was really no reason for our switch to iPhone other than integrating my phone with the other devices I was using for my Social Media shares and line of work.


I loved opening the package to the Galaxy S7 — it was platinum gold – and getting to give it a shot again! Its slim design makes it easy for a guy or gal to fit it anywhere and there are a plethora of cases to choose from to keep this bad boy safe and secure! I opted for the tempured glass protector screen to keep the screen from getting damaged.


To keep it easy, here’s a little bit about the features I loved about the phone.


Photo Quality:




The 12MP camera with built with low-light shooting is amazing. It has such fine detail and quickly adjusts to any natural or indoor lighting when changing environments.



The front facing camera has a nice wider angled lens to capture more!


Battery Life:

There is a rapid charge option when plugging in the Galaxy that brings it to a full charge in under an hour. It does get warm to the touch, but once the charge is done, it stops. I would like to see how the battery does over time, but its initial use is slow even with all of the Social Media apps running that I love to use.


Ease of use:




The setup of the Galaxy is super simple. The apps are laid out nicely and you can also group them. There is a back button and one to close apps, but they are disguised and to the right and left of the home button. You can personalize your home screen to include widgets or search engines of your liking to match your needs as well. When in doubt, just press the home button!



The speed of the Galazy is super quick. It’s 64% faster than the S6 from the previous year and doesn’t keep you waiting long in our world of instant gratification.


Extra Features:

TouchWiz allows you to not only specialize the notifications drop down, but doe other features such as shrink the size of the screen for one-handed operation and adjust the location of the Google entry window as well as the Apps launcher. It’s a neat hidden feature in the top menu pulldown.




Samsung Pay is the alternative to Apple Pay, which I have become a huge fan of. You can securely load in your credit cards to make payment where it’s accepted.


Having a phone that is Waterproof is also an added bonus. Now, I didn’t want to take the puppy and run the faucet over it to prove a point, but knowing that I could sweat on my phone or have it accidentally make contact with water and not get damaged is reassuring.



Things to get adjusted to when you’re an Apple girl:

Connecting photos with Airdrop to devices — I am a bit spoiled and love having all of my Apple devices connected to the Cloud and to each other. I share music and files easily that way. I know I could do the same with the Galaxy and that would just take me some time to get accustomed to it.

Where does everything go? — I have ONE button on my iPhone, so it would take me some time to get around the Android world of screens and apps. Call me a creature of habit.

Over time: Viruses — I haven’t had any issues with my Apple products picking up viruses or any bugs, but have heard that Android can? I am not one to call it a negative since I haven’t proven it myself, so it’ll be something I’ll keep an eye on with the Galaxy.

Connected Watches and other devices — Bluetooth devices are all the same, but I would love to see the connect-ability of the Samsung with the G2 watch and other devices it pairs with.




What do you look for in your phone?

What made you go Droid or Apple?


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