A Galactic Baby Shower

It’s funny to think that in my 35 years on this Earth that I’ve been to more baby showers than I can count on two hands. I never knew the day would come that I could celebrate my own baby, since we never knew we could have a baby of our own!


By the grace of God, two wonderful friends came from out of town to do my shower with me and celebrate Baby K’s impending arrival into this world with us!




We decided to hold the shower at our new home, so that we could enjoy having guests over — don’t fret: I’d already nested the entire house and there was not one box left to unpack!


Our spread was full of yummy and healthy sammiches and eats and even included donut holes from my favorite local donut shot, Pinkbox.




A friend was even sweet enough to make sugar Star Wars figures we decorated all around the tables with.




Of course we had to do some cheesy baby shower games including guessing the nursery rhyme, avoiding the word “baby” to keep your clothespin, and random questions about me and the baby that people had to know or guess.




Only being in Vegas for a year, I was grateful to have so many local friends and family show up and give so much love to our little girl! From adorable onesies to the practical odds and ends; it seems as if she’s all set thanks to the love of those around her!





In our typical fashion, we made sure to take lots of photos to remember this day! I loved how all of the girls had such a good time chatting away and getting to know one another — like attracts like I always say!




I hope that Baby K is surrounded by as much love and support as I have been through this pregnancy and in my life! I know she’ll be such a people magnet and can’t wait for her to meet her aunties!

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