Our Baby Nursery

After finally getting settled into our new home, and with hubby being gone for 3 weeks for work, I had one mission: make our house a home and get Baby K’s nursery ready!


Growing up, I was pretty much a tom boy. I didn’t like anything purple or pink or girlie AT ALL. I knew I had to embrace whatever decor would fit Baby K and her name — which means regal woman, victorious one — while making it embrace our style to give her a comfy place to call her room!


I decided to blend in gray and purple — our favorite colors since they were from our wedding — and a splash of pink girlieness so that I didn’t force being a tom boy on her.




Tayler helped me search online through Etsy and we found adorable prints that were customizable — blending in Star Wars into her room! I’ve loved Star Wars since I was a kid and know that with the new series of movies that it fits into the look we wanted for Baby K.


The previous owner had the room painted on one wall with pink, dark purple, beige, and white stripes. I took a new take on that and added silver striping along with violet to match some of the prints and to match the drapes I’d gotten for her room.




Our dear friend got us Baby K’s crib, so hubby assembled that before he left so I could work around it. I decided to place the crib on the striped wall to make it stand out. We also ended up adding some of the prints from our maternity photo shoot onto that wall.


Another awesome friend helped me hang up Baby K’s name decal + the Star Wars prints since I was growing by the minute. I may have been able to use a step stool to paint, but was told stop thinking I could take over the world solo.


I’ve been a fan of online Facebook groups for garage sales to get items second hand – much safer than Craigslist. I ended up downloading the Letgo App and found a white changing table for only $20 that I snagged from a local woman. I brought it home and hubby promised me we’d paint it together once he got home. We found gray paint to match our grib and that was toxin free — and in one day, we did it! I added some blingy new knobs to the drawer and it came out wonderful!






We attempted to paint our older bookshelf, but the finish didn’t stick to the paint. We decided to buy a smaller one (under $20) and keep it matching the white in the room to add in cube storage and some toys given to her for decoration and spunk.



Baby K’s grandparents’ photo is also in a frame on her bookshelf so that she can always have them there watching over her in her nursery!


All-in-all, it only took a week or so to finish up her room! It’s been such an awesome feeling to get her room done and also begin to nest. I’ve washed the clothes she’ll need for the first couple of weeks and also her bedding so we’re all set!


Now, to wait for this little girl to be here with us!



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