Bringing Home Baby: The Hospital Bag + Essentials List

Who can believe that we’re about a month and a couple of weeks (depending) from meeting our Baby K! One of the first things to add a little stress to the situation is what to include in my hospital bag!




Being the Type A person that I am, I want to be READY. After just moving into our new home I IMMEDIATELY was nesting mode so that Baby K’s room was ready to go! After a few baby classes and lots of research, I realized that reality was approaching way too quickly. Seeing the actual birthing suites in the hospital and mama/baby rooms really hit home for me. THIS WAS REALLY HAPPENING. I was about to go from a little wiggling nugget inside of my belly to having her HERE with us to take care of and hold in real life!


I was fortunate enough to have friends who have had babies, labor and delivery nurses, OB/GYN docs, and mamas of all kinds who helped me to compile this amazing list so that G and I could prepare for the actual birth and our stay in the hospital! I thought I’d create a post to share this list with you too!





♥ Changing pad or table

♥ Crib or bassinet

♥  Swing / rocker

♥ Lights or visual stimulation from a mobile



♥ Boppy Pillow

♥ Nursing pads / Nipple shields

♥ Lanolin / chapstick for chaffed nipples



♥ Snot sucker (Aspirator)

♥ Infant’s Tylenol and Motrin

♥ Infant’s gas relief

♥ Desitin or butt paste or Aquaphor

♥ LOTS of diapers

♥ More Size 1 than Newborn since they outgrow them quickly – all the way to Size 2 and 3

♥ Assortment Pacifiers

Belly bands for support


♥ Practice and latch the baby seat properly

♥ Practice parts and operation for breast pump



♥ Jogging stroller and Umbrella stroller

♥ Books

♥ Exersaucer

♥ High Chair or attached chair

♥ Teething essentials

♥ Tummy time, floor mats



♥ Maxi pads (ones you prefer and are comfortable with after hospital ones run out)

♥ Pillows (hospital ones aren’t comfy)

♥ Robe, short and comfy

♥ Grippy socks

♥ Macbook/iPad

♥ Nursing Bras

♥ Razor, shampoo, toiletries

♥ Eye mask

♥ 4+ panties

♥ Chargers for electronics

♥ Magazines

♥ Grippy slippers

♥ Hair Ties / Bobby Pins

♥ Makeup, Moisturizer

(for BABY / BABY BAG):

♥ Onesies with zippers (not snaps) Carter’s

♥ Going home outfit

♥ Swaddlers / Binkies

♥ Car Seat

♥ Newborn Diapers

♥ Diaper ointment

♥ Stuffed animal

♥ Beanies/hats/socks

♥ Boppy Nursing Pillow


Even after delivery, I’ve realized this list is PERFECT for anyone. You can make additions or deletions as necessary also [i.e. if you don’t breastfeed.]


I know that every experience is different, so my only prayer is that your labor and delivery goes SMOOTHLY, mama-to-be who is reading this!


Is there anything you’d add to this list for a hospital bag?



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    November 3, 2016, 8:39 am

    Good list 🙂 I actually liked having some jammies with snaps at the hospital because they could just open a little piece for checking her temperature and blood sugar.

    Also helped for diaper changes, we didn’t have to fully undress her in a cold hospital to change the diaper.

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