Getting Back After Baby: Postnatal Core Workout

The biggest area I’ve been focusing on when it comes to getting back into the fitness game has definitely been my CORE. On this postnatal ride fter having Baby K, I have felt a weakness in my core like never before. That didn’t mean, though, that I couldn’t put a plan into place to strengthen my core once again as if I never had a baby! — well, almost!


It’s important to remember that our doctor is the one who should clear us before we start any physical activity after delivering a baby. I made sure to ask my doctor before starting a core strength regimen. Also, it’s important to filter out the possibility of Diastasis Recti since some of the exercises I’ve listed aren’t safe for that physical condition. Always practicing safety first is key since our body isn’t what it was before and we JUST BIRTHED A BABY!


Using the Kamagon® dynamic fluid resistance ball, I have made it a habit to do this core workout every morning before my other workouts planned.


I do 3 sets of 7-10 reps (one rep each side of the body counts as 1) and add on more if I feel stronger! 


Some things to remember [to ensure proper alignment] when doing ab and core exercises are to:
* Keep your shoulders back and your chest out to maintain posture

* Tilt your hips so that your lower back is flat to the ground and there isn’t an arch in your back

* When bringing your chin up in any ‘crunch’, aim it towards the ceiling or sky — don’t aim it down which can cram your neck.


Alternating Bicycle Knees:

Lying on your back, with form in mind (like I mentioned above), hold your chin up to the ceiling and bring the shoulders off of the ground (you can begin without lifting the shoulders up until you’re comfortable.) Then, tap your knee, alternating sides and lifting the knee to the chest.


Alternating Bicycle Knees


These help to stabilize the upper portion of the core muscles (especially those healing to avoid irritating diastasis recti) and triggers the legs to get stronger!


Alternating Leg Lift Twists:

Sitting upright, lean back until you feel a pull in your core. Be sure your chest is out and your shoulders are back. Twist using your entire core, side to side, tapping the Kamagon® Ball from side to side. Once you have that rhythm, lift the leg on the same side as you’re twisting being sure to point the toe and engage your quads (big leg muscles in the front.)


Alternating Leg Lift Twists


These help to increase the drive to the hip flexors, particularly after a little baby was sitting on top of them for so long!


Ab Lifts:

With knees bent and feet flat, be sure your lower back is flat on the ground as much as possible. Lift the Kamagon® Ball over your head and then bring the arms up overhead, lifting the chin to the ceiling. Repeat.

Ab Lifts


  • Avoid these if you have not yet been cleared for core work from the doctor or have a propensity for diastasis recti.


I definitely love the fluid resistance in the Kamagon® Ball! It definitely reminds me to engage my core to maintain stability through these movements as the water inside of the ball keeps moving even when you stop! Since I want to workout my core 360 degrees, it’s a great modality to have in hand! The 3 pieces of the core, the front and back and pelvic floor all benefit from this focus!




Other foundational moves I encourage post-natal clients to try using or not using the ball:

☞ Prone Iso-abs (planks)

☞ Glute Bridges (with or without the ball)


  • I was given this product in exchange for a blog review, but all opinions in the review are my own as well as the photos and content.


What are some of your favorite moves that have strengthened your core post-baby?



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