My New Mama Journal: Week 13

Day 91 – I’m 3 months old today!

I can’t believe this little monkey is 3 months old!

She’s developing such an adorable and fun personality! She loves to play on her play mat and is rocking her tummy time! between naps and is just like her mama when it comes to loving a routine! You shake anything up in her day and she’s like say whaaaaat?! She even fought me putting on this frilly outfit which is what I usually do when I have to dress up – I fight it tooth and nail!

Her smile is so infectious and genuine… I love watching her transform before our very eyes!



Day 92 – My have things changed….

Everyone’s watching the #Grammys and I’m over here like “let me organize my cloth diapers and get ready for #TheWalkingDead!” #sundaynightmomlife



Day 93 – it’s time to get INSANE again!

INSANITY Was my soulmate work out almost 7 years ago. Using max interval training and my own bodyweight was really what triggered my fat loss and helped me get toned and strong. I knew I wanted to tackle this program again, making sure to focus on the new 30 minutes option, when I felt strong enough after having the baby.

It’s been three months since I had her, and I’ve done a full round of Core De force as well as a full month of hybrid workouts from Beachbody on-demand. So, I think it’s time to up the ante and increase my strength and speed up my metabolism!

Today my hubby joined me, after having a bout of the stomach flu, and it was so amazing to have him there to push me – we stayed up “late” watching The Walking Dead so getting up at 5am was no easy feat. Baby K had a great night so PRAISE THE LORD for that and us getting some sleep!

After the first 5 minutes, we were on the homestretch to finish strong!

1 day down & 59 days to go!



Day 94 – Yay, Teeth (sarcasm all day)

Our Poor baby girl was up all night (every 3 hours) with itchy gums wanting to chew on everything …

Her venture into being 3 months old also means I’m fairly certain she’s teething …

I finally sleepily figured out to give her Tylenol at the last Wakeup …

It’s 5 in the morning, and we still got up to do our Valentine’s Day workout! ❤️

… there’s no better way to celebrate today together right?

And like that we just forget about a “bad night” because it’s water under the bridge.

Now, for PiYo class tonight I may need a whole container of Energize 😂


Day 95 – Happy Gotcha Day to Tayler!

I can’t believe we’ve had this guy a year already! (His daddy Gary thought 2 but I think he was just having a moment)

He’s been such a lover since we lost Jaeden and is such a calming part of our family. He loves his baby sister and is very protective to always be around mama and baby sis… mama even tripped over him last night carrying baby and to save her little one mama got a hefty bruise!

… I still love him anyway ❤️🐾


Day 96 – Focusing on His Will

Ah, I “slept in” until 6am lol.

After two evenings of PiYo class, and with my bruised knee I think it’s okay to push my Max:30 workout to tonight …. But of course my internal clock kept waking up and checking the baby monitor.

No matter how tired we are after baby goes to bed , our new routine has been to read our devotional and bible so we have mommy and daddy time and also medicate on his word as parents and as a couple once again. It’s been an adjustment to bring our studies back in, but without they guidance we can get off track and our words aren’t guided with His will.

21 The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences. (‭Proverbs‬ ‭18‬:‭21‬ NLT)

When parents are tired and sleepy, they can let their mouths fly open and not think through what they say. We maybe imperfect, but we’re also focused on being better FOR her so she can learn from our example.

I even tried to help pick Gary‘s tie for work today …



Day 97 – Yay for sleep regressions!

Baby K has been waking up every night at midnight after going down at 8pm. She would usually stay down until 230/3am so we both knew this was possibly a shift. K has been so alert and learning tons of new skills so it’s usual for a kiddo like her to regress in their sleep patterns.
So, I nursed her and she’s been out ever since – in her big girl room. We all tend to sleep a little better when she’s in there and I know it’s a way of her telling me she’s ready. NOT for the crib, but for her not to be glued to my side when it’s bed time.

I may take a little while to not constantly check the monitor or to check our Owlet Baby Monitors app, but I’m sure it’ll come with time.

It’s crazy how fast time flies and how much her little brain develops every day!

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