My New Mom Journal: Week 16


Day 112 – She’s growin’!

Our little one has had some long stretches of sleep this week – aka a growth spurt – so we’ve taken advantage! We’ve had some good nights of sleep and a “This is Us” watch party last night to enjoy a weekly treat of wine!

This morning, she slammed a big bottle of mamas milk while I was teaching and Daddy had Sunday daddy duty!

… I think she’s growing more vertical than horizontal!


Day 113 – All dolled up for Sunday!

This kiddos has finally gotten to her 3-6 month clothes which can only mean one thing: TUTU TIME! ⭐️

She’s got some cute stuff to wear now that she can fit into it and while we’re both Tom boys are heart, a little tulle never hurt anyone!

Happy Sunday everyone! 😃 We’re off to worship our God and celebrate life at church with friends this morning! ⭐️


Day 114 – Slow and steady on the comeback train!

This mama has missed running since moving to Las Vegas, really. I adjusted to a new home and had a couple of runs in while getting used to the new air and climate. Then, I got pregnant! We got out for a few runs, but this little girl LOVED to sit on my bladder constantly so running really didn’t work for me when I was pregnant.

Since having her, I have been ready to let me knees and joints heal to let me know they were ready to get back at it.

Yesterday I had a bug up my rear to get up before church and just run – like Forrest Gump – until I wanted to turn around. I went out of our neighborhood and felt great! I was cruising along and almost got my stride before I wanted to turn around and come back (only went out about a mile) … and then I didn’t feel so amazing. Yesterday was the windiest dang day in the valley and I felt that headwind on the way back … as I went UPHILL.

You can see the difference between the each mile and it made me giggle as I ran into the house to tell Gary “holy crap! two miles kicked my butt!”

… one foot in front of the other, I’ll keep getting stronger and faster!

I even signed up for a 5k 3/25 and for my first half marathon back in the game at the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon in July!

… and with my BOB, K can join me! (If I stroller, I’ll only run better race day right??)



Day 115 – His plan, not mine

I’ve always been the very tenacious and driven girl who wants to take on everything and do it all to the best of my ability. I’ve learned more over the last 5 years than I ever have the rest of my life – I’ve realized that I can’t always go forward with guns a’blazing to do it ALL.

Trusting in God’s plan, I’ve turned into a leader I never saw inside of me, a wife I never knew I would become, and a mother who I felt impossible to be. I’ve spoken in front of huge groups of people when I was terrified to take Public Speaking class and lost weight I never knew would come off.

Trusting Him, I’ve realized that my plan isn’t always the plan set out for my life. It can sometimes rock is inside and make us feel uncomfortable to do things we wouldn’t normally see ourselves doing or being people we never knew we would be. THAT UNCOMFORTABLE feeling is needed to move FORWARD and live the AMAZING life we’ve yet to live!




 Day 116 – Wearing red for Strong Women 

I’m wearing red ❤️ on #internationalwomensday to celebrate the strong woman! The woman who sees no limits to what she can do in life, who works the hustle every day to make a living for herself, who works to break barriers in this world to stand out and stand united!

I used to wonder why God made me a #girlmom. Like, “why me to raise this little girl in this world Lord?” It terrified me and still does! I know just to take things day by day and pray for direction so I can know what path to take on this motherhood journey. Lord only knows I had thoughts of when I was young and how independently strongwilled I was. I know He’s chosen me to guide K with love and that who I am and what I’ve been through has equipped me for her upbringing.

Hugs and fist bumps to all of you amazing women in the world ❤️



Day 117 – Missing the grandparents

For #throwbackThursday, here’s grandma Wilson with little K.

It’s been amazing to know our parents got to be here with our little one when she first arrived, but I have to admit I do get sad and miss them a lot now. She’s growing bigger than she was here and talking so much more – she’s so much more interactive than poopy and screaming!

I know that distance doesn’t matter and thank the Lord for technology so we can stay in touch with them via video calls. She’s so loved by her family, and I want them to always be a part of her life and for her to learn about here her roots come from!

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