My New Mom Journal: Week 17

Day 120 – 4 months of melting my heart

Our little girl is 4 months old today!

She’s challenged us and taught us more life lessons in these 4 months than in our whole lives combined. She was meant to ignite change in us and for us to grow into individuals we couldn’t be without her. I see her strong-willed nature and desire to learn and know it’ll take her to amazing places in her life! She’s my sidekick and my exercise buddy; she melts her daddy’s heart and shows me a whole new side to him I’ve never seen before.

I can’t believe she’s 1/3 of a year old already!



From a young age, I was always about family. I went to visit my cousins every summer and we’ve always stayed close throughout our lives with weddings and moves and kids.

We’re so happy that our cousins made Las Vegas their home and made it official with a new home this month! Today we got to check it out with more cousins as K got to visit with some of her family for the first time.

I can’t wait until we can carry on the tradition and get to vacation with and visit with K’s extended [but close] family ☺️

And can I add that I love how my little girl is such a mix of all cultures – our family is so diverse and it’s awesome!



Day 122 – He came so that we may have a rich and satisfying life (John 10:10)

I had to see if it fit Kiala today and it does with her fluffy diaper!

With every transition through this journey and through life in general, comes worry and self-doubt with most things. I know that these additives and actions are not the best for us as we walk through life, but they’re just natural because we are human. I know that our appointment at the doctor went so well yesterday and that some new changes are coming with this little girl growing up and our relationship evolving. Sometimes, I feel mom guilt because I feel like I should be doing things this way or that way and I have to constantly stop and remind myself to stop being that way. This is a journey specific to us alone, and I have to know that the Lord has given us a life meant to be satisfying and full of her ward and I have to except that and not focus on any negative self talk.

She’s growing and thriving and that’s what we continue to want to happen, so that is the focus in our journey of parenthood. Every day gets a little easier to blend in time for us with time with her with time for ourselves individually-my prayers that that would continue each and every day. It’s crazy to think that this one little addition to our lives has really expanded my mind and changed perspective and priorities!


Day 123 – Making workouts work with company

7pm PiYo class
(Baby in bed by 8pm)
10pm bed time

Bye-bye 10-11 hours of sleep and HELLO 4 month sleep regression?

I knew I had Day 3 of Month 2 of INSANITY Max:30 to do today and I couldn’t just think because a routine got goofed I could skip it!

K kept me company in her Exercauser (love this thing!) and I got in my workout too!

She let me finish 30 minutes before a switch to her bouncer and my Shakeology!


I love how she watches me and her doing that motivates me to keep moving to set an example for my little wiggle worm monchichi! 💪


Day 124 – Officially a volunteer family!

We had our first meeting last night with JDRF Nevada Chapter – Las Vegas as Outreach volunteers! Baby K didn’t quite make it through the whole meeting, but did get to meet fellow Type 1 family in our area and begin the process of us getting involved to work with others impacted by T1D.

We’re grateful the Lord has lead us to use our trials as our triumph this year as a family and pay forward what we’ve learned to those newly diagnosed.

With me taking time each day with my Diabetes Educator coursework and fine tuning my skills as a fitness professional here, I truly feel I’m following the path I’m being lead down this year to move forward with my family! 💙

Join our Partners of Diabetes group for info and tips if you know of or are someone who wants to learn more about prevention of T2 and management of T1 and T2!


(Also stay tuned here for most posts of my #Type1Wife tips + others about our involvement with Type 1 and 2 Diabetes!)



When it’s pretty outside, you enjoy the sunshine with the kids! Aka Kiala and Tayler! Tayler loves watching over little sis and catching his ball in between!

This seemed like the perfect “break” to take today from studies and coaching and being inside – My brain’s learned a ton and check ins with my clients and coaches have gone amazingly! Work from home girl boss mama life has tons of perks!



Day 125 – Mama’s day out! 

There’s nothing like starting the day with a St. Patrick’s Day workout and then seeing Beauty and the Beast in the evening!

The workout was amazing and the moving was AWE-INSPIRING!



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