#Type1Wife Tip #1 – Know your mate


When I first met my husband, I only knew about Type 2 Diabetes. I knew that it was either hereditary ’cause’ or from different habits in life that could lead to the pancreas not working effectively and the both creating higher insulin resistance. I’ve opened up about the story of my husband and I in THIS post. TO KEEP IT REAL, I never really knew squat about it until I was with someone who had it and who I was around 24/7.


Before me, G hasn’t told many people about his Diabetes. It took us time to talk through his story and for me to understand that he was an independent person who took care of himself before me; my job wasn’t to care for him but to offer help if needed and be there as his wing-girl in life!


Over time, I started even picking up on signs of those around me with Type 2, including my father.



Being the spouse or partner or loved one of someone who has Type 1 Diabetes can be a lot to take in. I had to understand what the differences were with Type 1 and Type 2 and knew I had to learn about my mate so that I could be his biggest support. I noticed sometimes he would look different or act different but I wasn’t quite sure why.


KNOWING my MATE meant a few things:

✓ Understand the signs of a low and a high blood sugar

✓ Know my husband’s plan for treating his blood sugar, and then how to treat a high or low blood sugar if needed

✓ Learning how to use his blood glucose monitoring system and pump

✓ Understanding the differences between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes and learning how ‘the lingo’ flowed with each


Friends, the goal is simple: KNOW the SIGNS and LEARN more about Diabetes. I learned to not assume that a low blood sugar or a high blood sugar was related to anything my husband did. This disease has highs and lows for no reason sometimes, so it’s about taking action and not trying to figure everything out – which is usually how this little brain likes to work. Being someone’s advocate means that you’re there to help, but not before they can help themselves. Just as with any other health-related issue, being in tune with our peeps keeps us informed and learning when to act and how to react.



Thank goodness for technology with Diabetes! We now are able to use an app to share my husband’s blood sugars so that I can check on them without asking him and so that I know he’s okay without saying a word. He also wears an insulin pump that acts as a pancreas and delivers insulin when he eats or needs to administer it, while also delivering time-released insulin throughout the day. We don’t have to go at it alone!


Does you or someone you know have T1 or T2 Diabetes?

What information would you want me to share here about our story that could benefit you?



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