My First Post-Baby Race: The Windy 25 5k

I was super excited when my cousin asked me to run a 5k with her a few months back! I haven’t honestly done a run race in Las Vegas since we moved here! We moved here in October of 2015 and before I knew it I was pregnant! The way the baby sat on my bladder, running just didn’t last long. So, once she made her arrival and I got back into shape, I was ready to hit the pavement!


My cousin found a Groupon for the Windy 25 5k which was to start and end at the Cosmopolitan on the strip, which is always a fun place to run.


We met up at the Cosmopolitan, one of my favorite Strip hotels, around 8am to grab our race bibs and pow wow before the race began.



There were many vets and military families running in this race, since the Windy 5k was a race held in memory of those lost serving our country. We celebrated the families of those lost before the race kicked off, and it started without a gun start. We made our way through the start chute and turned right from Las Vegas Blvd to head behind the strip.



The course was easy and smooth. My cousin’s goal was to finish the race without stopping, so I held her to that! We stuck together and caught up so that it took our focus off of the run itself. The only hill was going up an overpass and back down and around again to loop back to the hotel.



We finished in 40 minutes, which I was very proud of! I had gas left in the tank, I had no aches or pains, and I knew I hadn’t run much leading up to it. I was still completing my INSANITY Max:30 program, so my endurance was ready nonetheless.



Post-race snacks and food were donated by the hotel and Odwala bars were just the fix I needed after a fun jaunt around the strip.




Since I begin Half Marathon Training for the Bryce Canyon half marathon in the middle of April, I am now even more motivated! I am ready to train once I finish Max:30 and have a week off in between. I plan to register for a 10k in May to get in a race for a training run.



I’m feeling like a REAL RUNNER AGAIN. It took some adjusting to the thin Valley air this past year or so, but I know that if I can have a little beautiful baby and get back into the fitness game, that nothing is impossible! I’ve done this before, so I can do it again – with less sleep and more grit!


** By the grace of God, I made it home okay after leaving the hotel. I left around 1030am, and at the same time there happened to be a bus shooting right out in front of the hotel. I remember pulling out of the garage and seeing people behind me running, but I thought they were just part of the race or having run on the strip like people normally do. My prayers are with the families impacted by this terrible situation, and my heart goes out to those of the life that was lost.



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