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Our little nuggets can definitely keep us on our toes from the day they come home from the hospital! I know that K has kept me learning in areas I never knew I would dive head first into including breastfeeding, feeding a baby, changing diapers on the regular, handling drool in the face, and how to help a new born learn and thrive from the moment they get home. SHEW – call it all a challenge!


With all things new, I also knew to download the whole gamut of apps so that my little brain didn’t have to remember [it was incapable after a certain point] and so that I could be sure to be the mama who knew her stuff!


Kinedu was an app a friend told me about that was all about infant development and helping our kiddos growing physically and mentally – ANY help was WELCOME help and this app showed me just how to stay on my toes each and every day with K.


After the initial set up and baby fact input, the app tells you how your child is progressing in these areas:





Social & Emotional



Every morning, it was our routine to read our bible together and then get in some activity through Kinedu! I loved how each activity came with a video with perfect instructions and then let you mark each one as completed.




Whenever there was time, you could do a milestone assessment to see where your kiddo is on their development journey. I was noticing that K was a little ‘behind’ on the physical milestones, so I was able to do more activities that related to that area of her development and progress. Tummy time for the win!


I have thoroughly enjoyed being a trainer for many clients over the years, but now I get to help this little babe get into her fittest baby shape and have a healthy and strong start to her bright life!


You can try Kinedu for free by downloading it from the App Store or on Google Play!


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