New Mom Journal: Week 20

Day 141 – Sunday Funday.

We began the day with the Word of God to inspire our week before basking in the Vegas sun with a neighborhood run and a hike! Kiala napped the whole time but we can always come back so she can SEE the mountains! Food prep is done and we can relax the rest of the day before starting another week!



Day 142 – Embracing change can be hard for a control freak.

I am admittedly a control freak. It probably comes from my past where I had a lot of bad relationships, stupid decisions I made, just lessons learned in my younger years that has caused me to try to control all of my surroundings in my situation so I kind of have an expectation of what’s to come. It keeps me from being hit with the unknown. Little did I know, that becoming a mom and becoming my own boss would challenge me to have to learn to EMBRACE change and let go of the control.

I feel I’ve been championed The purpose of being a good mother, a good wife, a good example for those around me, and a good educator so that a healthy life and a happy life takes priority. Sometimes I can come with sleepless nights like last night and sometimes I can come with many changes to my day-to-day or with what I do for a living. That, has been a challenge for the past few months.

Are the less, I welcome change and I am brace any challenges thrown at me. I know that I didn’t live with purpose before and now that I do it makes things so much better than being just about me. I know that I am to live a life where I’m a leader for others by setting an example and that if I can instill values and teach things in a simple way both to my family and to those around me while feeling were awarded on the inside, but I have done my due diligence!



Day 143 – Almost there!

They always say there’s a magic number on the scale you are stuck at after having a baby. And “they” weren’t lying! I’ve always said the scale doesn’t matter BUT it is my motivator as long as I don’t step on it DAILY or even WEEKLY but instead use it as a gauge monthly (or every 6 weeks) to see how you’re doing when losing weight + adding in strength gains as well as how we’re doing with measurements.

I posted last week that I’m almost under that elusive number so it’s motivated me even more lately!

* NO processed sugars going on 30 days now (and I may keep going since it’s working!)
* Dairy free for the past 3 months
* 5-6 30 minute a day workouts (REALLY pushing myself out of my comfortable talking zone — ESPECIALLY with our #TNE17HellWeek going on this week, it’s all mind over body – ask me if you want more deets on what we’re doing!)
* Shakeology and spinach every. Single. Morning.

Little steps ADD UP to BIG RESULTS – so, knowing it’s been 5 months almost that I’ve been really pushing to get my fit mom bod in check, I’m pretty darn proud of myself!




Day 145 – Someone’s too smart for her own good!

Little K is teething and crib transitioning and weaning and growing and learning and talking and I can’t keep up!

…. let’s be honest mamas: when’s the last time you washed your hair?? Only my hairdresser knows how long it’s been for me and it wasn’t on purpose! Every time I went to do it, little bean would wake up so Bobby pins it was!

This morning was 22 minute hard corps Cardio 2 for #TNE17HellWeek and I had a feeling I needed a shorter workout for a reason!

… now to continue working on getting K out of her Rock n Play and into her crib! She’s napping there so we just have to work on overnight because she’s nowthe great Houdini!


Day 146 – We’re growing together!

745pm – bed time
1030pm – wiggle wake up and eat
1am – wiggle wake up and eat

… I just wondered what happened last night. I know that the baby is four months old and is going to sleep regression’s, but she was trying to tell me something. She’s been napping in her crib like a big girl for the past two weeks for her naps, so I wondered if she was trying to tell me that’s what she wanted to be overnight. We planned to transition her to the crib at night time starting this weekend, but last night it seemed that she was just uncomfortable and didn’t have a lot of room in her rock n play.

Sure enough, after her last random wake up I put her in her crib and she slept through to the morning – The longest stretch she’s ever slept in her crib! Where is the time going?!

Morning I decided to take a rest day because I have a super work out at our super Saturday event tomorrow as well as a class to teach before hand. It also gave me some time to sleep this morning after our random wake ups last night 😂 I look forward to nothing more on a Friday morning than taking the baby and the dog out for a walk as we listen to our Bible together.

… but first let mama get in her Shakeology breakfast!

#wholefoodsfordays #leadbyexample #growingtoofast #sheusedtobesotiny


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