#Type1Wife Tip #2: Be Prepared


Being someone who is always on the go,  I know how important it is to BE PREPARED. It’s become a part of our lives, almost second nature, to be over-prepared rather than under-prepared just in case!


One of the things I love to do for my husband, since my love language is acts of service, is to always take care of him. I love making his lunch and meals. I love packing up snacks in a cute way and ensuring he has all he needs before he leaves for work or on an errand.




.. I even add a little love!


I have already asked my husband if it’s okay to get him his own fanny pack for his diabetic supplies! He has swiftly told me “No” and proceeds to use our handy diaper bag instead ((shrug.))


There seems to be so many things we have to have on hand for Gary to be sure he’s all set away from home:

  • Extra insulin pumps
  • The meter that goes with it
  • Sticky wipes & insulin
  • Batteries
  • Fast acting glucose (injectable & tablets)
  • Juice or a snack with enough sugars or carbohydrates


Being prepared can also mean starting the day right with an awesome breakfast that balances his blood sugars off of the bat. Enter: Shakeology.



Low in sugar but high in quality whole food carbs and protein, Shakeology has been a God send for Gary as well as many family members who are Type 2 as well.


We prepare meals each week so that he has a balanced lunch to take to work and so that we have dinners made in the event that our little one decides to go H.A.M. on us in the evening which can get hectic.


It’s important to know what your partner needs who has Type 1 or 2 Diabetes so that you are ready for anything: hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, or even just to keep things BALANCED. I remember that my husband can take care of himself, no doubt, but as his biggest support I also want to be ahead of the game.


Does your partner use insulin? Do they have a pump?

Do they usually run high or low blood sugars?

When was the last time that they ate and what did they eat?


I also remember to ask my hubby HOW I can help if needed and WHAT he needs from me. That way, I don’t interject unless it’s the right time while still being prepared!


How do you stay prepared for your partner with Diabetes?
What other questions would you have about being supportive?

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