My New Mom Journal: Week 26

Day 182 – So grateful for support here!

We have amazing friends who watched baby K so we could enjoy a double date night out to see Train in concert at the MGM! I think we clean up well when we actually take non-rushed showers and get spiffy!



Day 184 – Spending time with family is so important

Tatiana and I have been friends since we were 13. She’s more of a sister than a friend, so having her in my life still is so important to me! She’s an amazing aunt for K and has come to see her again this weekend since she’s grown so much in her 6 months! We made a trip to the Neon Sign Boneyard and had lots of time to catch up which was much needed amidst lots going on in our household and in our family. God is so amazing for all he’s surrounded me with to keep me positive no matter what!



Our parent/child dedication yesterday was such a special moment for us to share with friends and family. We took a pledge to be the best example possible for our little one and to teach her about Jesus and His love for her. I want K to know that we are going to go through ups and downs in our life, but having a God centered family will keep us always looking in the right direction as a team!



Day 185 – The best Mother’s Day gift a girl could ask for

Hubby’s gift from K came a little late, but it was such a fun surprise in the mail! This onesie sums up our family’s humor for sure! Thinking back on my first Mother’s Day, we got to spend tons of special time together with family and friends, dedicate our little one at church, and make memories amidst the craziness of life. This little smile has been such a saving grace for everyone around her. She’s full of life and smiles and reminds us all what’s most important at the root of it all. Our time each day can be spent doing a million different things, but teaching her and helping her learn has been a privilege to have on my list of things I get to do each day.


Day 186 – Growing pains

Someone woke up at 530am this morning … she’s usually up at 630 …. which means no solo run for mommy and that’s okay! Daddy got in his P90x3 workout while we snuggled in bed, and then we were off for a run/walk around the area with our neighbor buds!

Little ones still teething with no teeth in sight so I would be frustrated too! Luckily she cat napped in the stroller and even got some QT with a friend to kick off our Wednesday!

I’ve got T25 speed I can do with Beachbody on Demand at home as my backup!


Day 187 – Throwback Thursday

This shirt fits a tad differently now! And my belly is on the outside!

I’m feeling stronger every day thanks to my clients, students, and my virtual gym girls! It’s one thing to get in the workouts, plan meals and time to do the workouts, and to physically and mentally get it done. It takes a village of support to keep you GOING – that’s the biggest lesson I’ve learned this time around after losing 60 lbs before and now the 35 I gained while pregnant with K.

She’s now my workout buddy and mom-spiration to live life healthFULLY!

I’m now just strong for her, I’m #momstrong In everything I do no matter if it’s easy or tough! 💪🏽



Day 188 – Flashback Friday

Sometimes family can come in the realm of actual blood family and other times it can come in the form of friends who have and always will be here. Through thick and thin, any relationship grows through communication and openness to continue to evolve moving forward.

Today K and I are missing her Auntie who came to see us last weekend. Knowing each other since we were 13, Lord only knows we’ve been through it all. What I’ve learned is that we continue to grow closer over time and will always be there for each other and have each other’s backs. We don’t judge each other for our decisions or try to fix each other – and if there are any bumps in the road we drive slowly over them together.

They say it takes a village to raise a child and that’s so true!

It’s still even crazier that we look alike ..




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