5 Months Postpartum: INSANITY Max:30 Results

I have done INSANITY Max:30 two times before this round of the program. I figured, I’ve birthed a child so what’s another round of the hardest workout program I’ve ever done before??


I made it through the first month after two months of postpartum workouts. I took things slowly as I was rebuilding my strength in the core and overall. I especially had to take it easy on my joints since I still had relaxin flowing through my body making me Gumby-mama. I knew that if I waited until juuuuuust the precise moment to begin to do my soulmate workout again, that I would be set!




Well, let’s just say that I have always felt the same about Shaun T as I always have during his workouts ..



All kidding aside, I definitely felt like I was READY for month 2 when the time came. I knew that the workouts were harder, including intervals that were twice those of month one. I also knew, though, that if I’ve done this before I could do it again. Each workout challenged me mentally and physically as I got back into teaching classes and had scattered sleep on most nights.


As crazy as it may sound, I embraced the hard that came with month 2 and completing the program. My core was supporting me more than it had since 2016 when I was pregnant .. I improved my form and was able to truly push through some of my favorite exercises like burpees and pushups unlike I had done in previous months. (Yes, I’m that weirdo that loves burpees and pushups!) I went from modifying my pushups after being used to doing full-out pushups to getting my upper body strength back. I was able to close my eyes and just focus on finishing squats I wanted to stand up from without a second thought. I truly experienced DIGGING DEEP — leave it to having a baby to toughen you up even more than you were before!


So, Kat, what about your results? I mean, that’s what you really want to know right?



I have never NOT seen results from this program, and knew it would deliver as long as I stuck to my guns! I am excited for what’s to come now that I have stepped up my game bit by bit.



MONTH 1 – Core De Force (modified 90%)

MONTH 2 – Hybrid plan using Beachbody On Demand

MONTH 3 & 4 – INSANITY Max:30 + teaching PiYo & INSANITY


INSANITY is not a program to shy away from! Many people are intimidated by the name, but I always say WHAT DOESN’T CHALLENGE YOU, DOESN’T CHANGE YOU! If you do the same workouts within a level of comfort and don’t push yourself to try something new and HARD, results could just be hiding from you!


It also helped to know this little one was going to wake up at any time, so I was best to hush up and workout! Just kidding, she actually was awake for many of my workouts and always a fun cheerleader supporting her mama with giggles and smiles.



So, what’s next? I’m currently on a hybrid Beachbody on Demand / Running plan I’ve created to lead me into the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon on July 8! I’m nervous about running my first half marathon since running one back in 2014, but I also know that I can only take training one day at a time to lead up to race day! I know that my only regret with past racing was that I didn’t keep up endurance workouts with INSANITY and ran 5 days a week. So, now I am working on 3 days of running a week and continuing endurance, strength, and flexibility!


Wish me luck, friends!


Have you done MAX:30 or want to do it? 

What would convince you to do a workout called “INSANITY”?

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    Did you deal with any diatesi recti?

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      I did not, have you?

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