My New Mom Journal: Week 27 – 29

I love being a blogger for many reasons. One of which is that I can use this as a place for me to journal each day of my life to look back and reflect on the past which can include highs and lows. It’s been a busy and crazy few weeks for us, so these posts are a couple of weeks or so late. Nonetheless, I had to take the time to chronicle these days of Baby K’s life with us – the first 365 I plan to write daily on my Facebook page. No matter what we’re going through, seeing positive memories and taking time to write creatively is always a welcome outlet.


Day 190 – Farther and farther each time

Each #run has the potential to teach us a new LESSON.

This morning, I was nervous about heading out on a solo long run. I knew I had my amazing husband watching Baby K and to take advantage nonetheless! I decided to find a route where I didn’t have loads of uphill and downhill like I usually do around my neighborhood so that I didn’t completely beat my knees up. I also knew that I’ve been feeling super #momstrong because of my hybrid plan that includes #INSANITY AND #PiYo for #strength,#endurance, and #flexibility.

Out the gate, I felt like I was cruising. I originally wanted to go out 2 and come back 2 to then finish a 5k on the backside of the road I was on. I ended up doing the full 3.5 (half of my 7 miles planned) and then turned around. I used @rockmyrun to jam out to some fun music and kept taking things one half mile at a time. As I approached 5-6 miles I happened to get into my head thinking, “I haven’t gone this far in a long time … my feet hurt … it’s getting hot, I better hurry … I wonder if K is up and how they’re doing ..” I had to shut the brain down and focus on FINISHING.

My mantras for the day:
⭐️ I’ve done harder things
⭐️ No hills = #noexcuses
⭐️ I am enough, He keeps me strong

To my surprise, I did about :30 faster of an average pace than my hillier runs around the house! My splits were pretty consistent and I learned I can slow down my long run start to just log the miles each time!

#SundayMorning couldn’t have gotten off to a better start!
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Day 191 – I’m loved, I’m beautiful, I’m good enough

This is written on my mirror and I read it every day – out loud – to myself and my daughter.

It’s powerful to think that just 7 years ago God saved me from myself. He saved me from my life I was living that would ultimately lead me to a bad place had I not reached out to Him to help me stop the cycle. I’m grateful that I found His love whichwas what I was looking for all of my life. Even if it took me until I was 30, it was meant to happen when it did.

He also made me a mother.

He saw that in me when I didn’t even think it possible. I take that title seriously and will honor it always. Each morning that I get to wake up and workout and then listen for my little one to wake up and get her from her room is such a blessing. He lead me to quit my corporate job because he knew I would need to be here, and at the time I just didn’t know what was ahead. I had no idea that one change, and the opportunity to have freedom with my schedule, was to have me here with her on our own time.

Taking each day to be thankful for our path, even if we’re in the midst of a dark part of it al the moment, will allow God to do His amazing works behind the scenes to lead us to our proper place.


Day 192 – I don’t want my child to live in a world of hate

My heart aches for everyone impacted in Manchester by the tragic attacks that happened …

It may sound off, but one of the reasons I was so nervous to bring a child into this world was because of a world that my child would come into. Now that I have my little girl, I know that I can only control myself and the things around me. That means that I have to teach her to love everyone unconditionally and to never judge a book by its cover. My only prayer would be that everyone else would do the same thing & that we wouldn’t have to worry about our children going out to enjoy a concert that should be part of their childhood ….

If we all did just these two words we wouldn’t live divided, hold grudges, in fear, or unhappily.

#prayforManchester #justlove



Day 193 – Losing family is never easy

My Aunt Um Yee Ma reminds me of my mom. Shoot, she even looks identical to her and they act more like twins than sisters! (My mom’s on the left and my aunt is on the right) She’s always been extremely smiley and happy – especially around family. It was always important to her that I came around to visit and see her and my cousins.

I was almost two months pregnant the last time I saw her at my cousin’s wedding. She was battling cancer at the time and we weren’t sure how long we had with her. She’s had her ups and downs with the cancer and even battled painful shingles … I felt many times that my mom felt her pain as a twin would.

I was so sad to learn we lost my Aunt yesterday morning. Even though she’d battled sickness, it was a shock to us all to lose her so suddenly.

I wish K had the chance to meet her grand Aunt. She won’t be making this trip to see family with me, but will always learn to be close to her family and know where her roots come from. My extended family is ultimately like my close family anyway and always has been as I’d grown up. We’re like brothers and sisters instead of cousins, and my heart is with them as I head to see them this weekend and pay our last respects.


Day 195 – Mama gets her run in even if it’s a Plan B!

With my flight to Philly leaving tonight … hello red eye! … I knew I wanted to readjust my plan since I usually run long runs on Sundays. I didn’t want to think about running but instead focus on my time with family and getting back home safely Sunday. So, today was the day I decided to shift my 8 mile planned long run to! I happened to make a new running friend who happens to be just as flexible as me to shift her own plans!

Thanks to a new running friend for the company this morning! We got to chat, head out speedily, fight a headwind on the way back, and still squeeze in 8 miles before we each began our mom duties!



Days 196-197 – Spending time with family to celebrate life

My aunt passed at 77 years old after a battle with cancer and shingles. She was the closest to my mom, so my mom has been my focus as we heal and grieve her passing. I know that she is with the Lord and in a place where she’s no longer suffering. Our family, I found out, has a rare string of cancer due to vaccinations from the past in their homeland — my goal now is to get my mom healthy so that she can enjoy her time here with us and her granddaughter.



Day 198 – Kiala and Pau Pau time
After spending time with family to celebrate her sisters call home to God, my mama is here with us in Vegas to spend time and slowwwwww down after years of working and hustling.

I never realized just how much my mama sacrificed for us and did for us until I became a mama myself. My little girl is my driving force, even through challenges and learning lessons. I appreciate all my moms done for me and want her to now enjoy time as a Pau Pau aka grandma with Kiala 💜


Day 200 – She’s 200 days old!

By little girl is officially 200 days old!

She’s the light FOR my life and inspires me every. Single. Day.

She answers all of my life questions:

What kind of parent should I be?
What is the purpose for my life?
Where should my focus be every day?
How do I want to lead by example every day?
How will I teach her to be the strongest and most positive leader she can be?

It’s funny how a child can change your whole perspective, focus, and journey in life, isn’t it?


Day 201 – She’s still flyin fluffy!

Little K is still rocking her cloth diapers like a little champ! I have to say I love the fact that:

 We save money on disposables (we still use them for travel and on the go)
 K doesn’t get any diaper rash issues in CD
 They last way longer than disposables for holding her powerful pee
 She gets fun fluff-friendly pants made to fit her tush! (Thanks for the amazing R2 gear, Kreations By Kevynn!)

If any mamas want to try CD, it’s not too shabby! I’m grateful to my fellow CD mamas who showed me the ropes as it’s second nature for us now!



Day 202 – Jump Jump, its Friday!

My mom says “why is she always so jumpy?!”


This little girl may end up being a champion trampoline athlete or basketball player … whatever she decides to be, it’ll be done with her million dollar smile and legs going a million miles an hour!


Day 203 – Three generations of girls just hanging out

It’s a blessing to see my mama helping me with the baby and how much joy it brings her. I get to see the other side of her now as a grandmother. Her love for us and this little girl is mostly unspoken but not invisible.

I’m grateful I have the freedom and flexibility to be present along side of her as a daughter and mother. When I was a kid I saw her as a disciplinarian and decision maker for us, but now I see how much she did out of pure love and protection like a mother does.



Day 204 – Get outta yo mind!

That’s literally what I spent my run doing – the hour and a half that kicked off my Sunday. I’m an introverted extrovert who enjoys time alone and also with others to feel energized and alive. So, when it comes to long runs I’ve always been 50/50 with running with others or solo. Today I had my first solo long run in a long time – probably since 2014 or earlier and definitely since having the baby. I would normally take K with me, but with temps getting into the 100’s by midday, I got out this morning before she even flinched in her crib.

At 5:15am, I headed out to see what I was made of. I began with some podcasts that included Gretchen Rubin‘s with tips on being Happy and then a little fitness teacher/gospel preacher time with Revelation Wellness – Healthy & Whole … at my turnaround, I switched to music with RockMyRun to power me through bigger rolling hills than I’m used to on long runs. Hubby Gary even drove out to check on me around mile 7.25 as I switched to listening to my YouVersion Bible. I thought to myself “man, you can fit a lot into 9 miles!”

I began to pray for the week ahead…. for God to continue to guide me down many new paths he’s laid out for me as of late…for Him to keep me strong and focused on doing what was pleasing in His eyes and in no one else’s. I asked Him to keep making me a “cheerful servant”, the one my family and those around me need right now.

As I headed home for the last mile, I could’ve stopped at Starbucks and taken a nap with a cake pop for dessert, but I decided against it for sake of time.

Once I was home and got to see my awesome family, I felt instant gratification. I did more and went farther than I thought I initially could. My body did an amazing job shutting my mind out of the equation.


Day 205 – Started from the BELLY now I’m here!

Oh the sense of humor baby K can exude from her little onesie collection. She started from inside of my belly and is now on a mission to spread love into the world around her – she’s already a pro at it!



Day 206 – Working out is a family affair

This Mama crushed Max:30 Max Out Strength while Pau Pau and K cheered me on and then I decided to throw on Tai Cheng to see if Pau would be open to it – the angels sang as she actually worked out with me!

Today is already starting off on an amazing foot!

Who’s excited for #ShaunWeek next week and wants to do it with me?

HI! I'M KAT - I am a pug-mom, wife, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, & Fitness Coach focusing on living the fit life while tackling work, coaching others - doing it all! My blog is to hold me accountable for all the goals I plan on accomplishing and also a way for me to try to inspire others through my own experiences - if I can do it ANYONE can! Fitness is a huge part of my life as well as travel and seeing all that life has to be lived! PAY IT FORWARD!

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