My New Mom Journal: Weeks 30-32

Day 211 – Windy runs are better with friends

With my first double digit run due today on my plan, I was not opposed to company for the miles ahead! Since hills are a regular part of my weekly runs, flat routes are preferred for Sunday mornings. Luckily Erin feels the same! We both said “see you later” to our littles for the morning and met up for 4 miles before Cate joined in for 6 more together! We got to catch up about our lives, our weeks, and got to learn a little more about one another than we did before. We decided to do intervals which were a welcome change for me: 4 min/1 min to be exact. We finished at 10:27/mi (all wanting to finish together with our devices being off and my weird self wanting to finish on an even number of 10.10) which was perfect since my race pace goal is 9:30 for the half!

… and to boot, we didn’t blow away during super strong wind gusts that increased on our way back!

#halfmarathontraining #sundayrunday

Today I practiced a little self care in the form of lots of foam rolling for my hips and IT band along with rehydrating after running 10 miles … and then FINALLY taking an Epsom salt bath! I think I’ve maybe taken one since we moved in and this bathtub has since been K’s splashing playground.

I have #ShaunWeek kicking off tomorrow and more miles to put on these feet and legs of mine – SELF CARE is how we keep recovering from our bada**ery, to prepare us for even more!




Day 213 – “Stop giving up on yourself!”

It’s felt great to feel like myself physically again but also mentally and emotionally. Doing my #uninvited book study with the #livinglovedsummer girls I opened up about life lately and all of the shakeups going on around me and with me. I’ve had to realize that in order for me to pour into the lives of others, I need to pour God into my life even more. I can’t pour from an empty bucket and also need to remember my load can only be so much.

I can’t give up on myself for the sake of everything and everyone around me – and that truth bomb can be a tough one to take to the gut.

This morning, I decided to go outside and soak in the morning during my workout. I focused on doing my best before giving my best.

Whether it’s in a job, a life event or situation, a list of responsibilities – we have to be sure our best comes from us being our best!


Day 214 – Beauty can manifest in many ways each day.

It can be tangible or not.

It can come in the form of the smell of cool air outside, the bright green hue of the tree at the corner of your street, in the shiny yolk of the morning’s breakfast … it’s in the eye of the beholder.

I’ve been working to find the beauty in each day, because here IS SOMETHING we can find beauty in even if we feel it’s mundane or ordinary.

Today was in the footsteps of my mom next to me as we walked down the street to the park … the nuzzle Tayler gave K as she hung out in her stroller … and in the giggles my little one made while she enjoyed the swing.

“Be still and know that I am God” can mean to literally be STILL or to still your mind and soul to allow him to show you HIS beauty.



They’re always watching for you to lead by example

Today was day 3 of #ShaunWeek and I cringed because I know I teach INSANITY later and also did 5 miles of Hill repeats (16 to be exact) … but what I told my Virtuagym girls was to do their best with their best! I modified the entire workout and took tons of breaks.

My little girl watched me the whole time. She jumped as I sweat. She screamed in excitement as I pushed to finish.

I always remember she’s watching me. She’s NEEDING ME TO LEAD. She is looking for that godly example from her mama, and I will always do my best to give her that!



Day 215 –

On Tuesdays, we act like it’s Friday.

So good to hang out with my fam bam and my favorite crazy girl



Day 215 – Do your own thing

My whole world has twisted and turned and shifted and shaped and morphed in the past year. Everything I thought mattered rearranged itself. My focus every morning isn’t what I think about any more. Who I thought I was an influence on has changed. Who I surround myself with and have made my inner circle has changed me as a person.

I’m learning to keep DOING MY OWN THING.

After years of doing something or being a certain someone, you can become so comfortable that God SHAKES YOU to continue igniting change. He made me a mama and that was a huge catalyst for change — how I wanted to go about my day to day life and how I wanted to lead by example for her were areas I had to dial into.

Each hour of the day, each weekend full of fun to be had – we get to choose what we want to fill in that time with even if deleting some areas can sting at first.

Trusting that God’s plan is way bigger than my view ahead is all I need to zero in on so that I stay laser focused on what’s most important in life.

Don’t be afraid to GET UNCOMFORTABLE from all you’re used to in order to DO YOUR OWN THING.


Day 217 – Celebrating daddy

It’s Gary’s first Father’s Day, so this weekend we celebrate his new role as daddy!

He’s been itching to learn how to make (an expert at eating them) egg rolls, so there’s no time like today to do that!

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