New Mom Journal: WTH, I have an 8 month old?!

I can’t even believe it. My little monchichi is 8 months old?!


Yes, I refer to my child as a monchichi because she reminds me of the doll from the 80’s! It’s never a thorough thought process when I create nicknames for my kid, but hey.



Everyone says to not blink because your kiddo grows up fast, but I had absolutely NO idea! I feel as if every photo I see of her is a new and improved version of Baby K. She started out so tiny and small, barely 6 pounds, and is now a little 17 pound wonder who is taking over my house!



K is crawling and standing up on her own, has been to 3 states in her short life so far, and has a personality that lights up any room. It’s been such an adventure to see her figure life out, from whole new perspectives, and also to see how smart she is.


She’s independent and wants to learn on her own without any help … I wonder where she gets that from … and I can see how determined she is to problem solve. Hey, an 8 month old may not be unlocking chests like Houdini, but they form their own way of being escape artists unlike anyone else can from their crib!



K has been an amazing baby to travel with! As long as we plan our routes around her nap time (to let her sleep for the first half) we’re golden! She’s even made her way to California and to Utah with grandma and her brother Tayler alongside her Daddy and myself. Her eyes light up when she sees a new trail or new scenery.



She is friendly with everyone she meets, only having the occasional “Oh Sh**, you’re not my mommy put me down” moment here and there.



I may be the direct and blunt girl, but she’s softening me up around the edges. I’m forever grateful to call this little one my “Sidekick Chick” for life!


.. now pardon me while I go get my life together and prepare for her to walk all over this house!

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