New Mom Journal: 5 Things That Prepared Me for a Mobile Baby!

We can start this post by saying [to myself] “Welcome to THUNDERDOME” because the baby olympics have begun!



I know I would love to believe that my angelic little babe would stay dependent and immobile for quite some time, but I had to keep it real with myself to remember that TIME WOULD FLY. If my little girl is anything like her mother, she is tenacious and independent. She was bound to be mobile as soon as she possibly could so that she could explore ALL OF THE SQUARE FEET!



In this ‘episode’ of my New Mom Journal, as this little munchkin turns 9 freaking months old and is cruising around my house at lightning speed, I’ll share 5 Things That Prepared Me for this Mobile Baby!


    1. Be READY – It’s a mindset thing. We can’t sit around thinking these kiddos will forever be living the horizontal life.
    2. BabyPROOF the sh*t out of the house – Our house used to be a world of baby hazards. We had a unfriendly coffee table in the middle of our living room, lots of shelving with breakables just waiting to be broken, and electrical outlets without the holes covered. As K started to become stronger, we took the time to babyproof the sh** out of the house. I’ve gone around to insert outlet covers on all of our electrical outlets, added covers to our gas grill knobs, installed magnet security to the cabinets. My husband is the chief of lifting up breakables to a height out of K’s reach. We have a new ottoman K bumps her head on and can stand up on without injuring herself to the degree of needing an ER visit. An amazing find on Prime Day, an extendable baby gate is now the backdrop to our living room which ropes off “Baby Jail.”

3. Never trust a cute butt and a smile a.k.a. NEVER look away – Changing tables and beds were once a place of calm during the diaper change times of day, but not anymore! To keep it safe, we decided to get on a level where K couldn’t face dive onto the floor … by using the floor if at all possible for our new diaper change area! We also want to keep some sense of trust with our little one, so she does have her baby jail and a few moments in the day where someone isn’t on top of her with bubble wrap, but she’s never without a watchful eye. She can’t be trusted.

4. Help the explorer – Along with being sure to ‘secure the bunker’ so that K is safe and able to play at the same time, I do my best to help her explore. We use an app called Kinedu when we run out of ideas, but try to keep her brain churning with new developmental ideas and games and activities to occupy the day. She enjoys the heck out of pushing her walker, seeing the world from new perspectives, playing in water, socializing with new friends, touching new textures – no matter what NEW you throw at a baby, they can tell you if they like it or not and still gain beneficial life experience with the help of their standard-size humans.

5. Keep her a** busy! – Going along with #4, I work with my family to keep little K’s rear in gear! As a stay-at-home/entre-mama, I’m home the majority of the day. I enjoy that time and flexibility, BUT it can’t be the case every single day even if I wanted it that way. K does well with a change in scenery and with new fun games and activities to do so that the doesn’t get bored. She’s not the kid that likes to just sit and watch TV, believe me I’ve tried. So, I took that as a sign to get her up and about. Even if it’s in the backyard pulling her in her wagon, she’s happiest when she’s BUSY.



I honestly LOVE this phase the most of out all of the time I’ve spent with my sidekick chick. I feel that I was much more on-edge when she was super tiny and we were just learning about each other each day.



Now, it’s like we get each other. She can give me a look or make a sound and I know exactly what she means and vice versa. I can get in my workout WITH her and love how excited she gets to be a part of the ride with me. I’m motivated to keep pushing and to keep going to set an example for her.


K has brought so much change and a shift in perspective into my life. No matter how crazy she can be with her new cruisin’ abilities, I know that I am pumped just to be able to watch her explore life … soft cushions around her and all.



Do you have a little one you’re gearing up to see be on the move?

What were the things you did to prepare for cruisin’ baby?

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