#UnitedinLoveRun We Ran UNITED: a Virtual Run Recap

As a community we can remain united & can lift each other up.


I’ve shared IN THIS POST how I feel about everything going on in the world today. I am aware that on social media my presence means that I also have a voice I should use to speak up. I realize that I cannot stoop down to the level of negativity around me. Instead, I’m reminded to rise above the HATE and come together with my community with LOVE.


I decided to ask some of my online running FRAMILY if they would be in if we did a virtual run [any distance, anywhere] to show how we stand UNITED against HATE and LOVE each other for our differences.




Yours truly @katrinaellep






Three friends. Three different ethnic backgrounds. Three different personalities. Three different people who only care about what they have in COMMON that brought them TOGETHER.


These two guys started out as friends of mine on Twitter before us all meeting in person to jive even better as buds. Over the course of the past few years, we’ve only stayed connected more through job changes, blogging and not blogging, having kids, and reuniting with running (me.) They inspired me to GO FOR IT, and see what happened.


Many beautiful faces joined us on a mission to SHARE LOVE, knowing it’s the one true way to positively deal with the HATE around us.


You can check out the Instagram pics from #UnitedinLoveRun HERE.

Here’s some amazing motivation from the hashtag on Twitter.


Here’s the run I did in my neighborhood that I mapped out using the Footpath App:


Staying united through what we have in common whole embracing what we can learn about each other from our differences is the one true way to continue to diversify our community. Our children and our children’s children deserve to see how much growth we’ve shown throughout the decades before them to rest assured they won’t have to go through the struggles of yesteryear due to out-dated ideologies.


THANK YOU to all who participated! We encourage everyone to keep using the hashtag even if you missed out on Saturday to keep the good vibes flowing!



What is one way the differences in your circle have made you that much better?

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