Let’s RUN together UNITED: #UnitedinLoveRun

Our social media platforms are used to show the TRUTH in life, not just the highlight reel of what’s bright and shiny. Life’s not always a highlight reel.


With the events that happened in Charlottesville and may that have happened within the past few months and years, we can no longer be SILENT about the need to end hate in our amazing country.


As a running community, we are focused on using our powers for good and spreading the message of LOVE over hate to build upon our positive circle of influence. Our goal is to be UNITED, not divided, as a community of friends who stand against hate in an effort to keep ourselves moving FORWARD with PROGRESS.


Let’s stand up and stand UNITED using our passion and our social media platforms to spread the message of LOVE!


Join us on Saturday August 26 for a Virtual Run! We will run together, no matter where we live or what time we do it that day, to fill our social channels with symbols of LOVE and TOGETHERNESS.



You can run ANY distance during Saturday August 26 and post a photo (selfie or non) making a heart with your hands and smiling to share light in the world with others!


Use the hashtag #UnitedinLoveRun on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter so that we can find you and rallly together with our photos and stories! In your post, share your heart and love for our running community and how you love to embrace the differences of others!


Feel free to also download this BIB PDF below, with us all running using the same number as a united team, and slap it on to get your run on!




Or you can print this:



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