A Yelp Elite Girls’ Night Out at Bazaar Studios & Beauty Parlor

It’s crazy to think that I’ve been a Yelp Elite for 7 years now! I started out reviewing local businesses, sharing my experiences so that the next person who ventured there would know what the haps was beforehand. Now, I’ve been able to enjoy Tampa events and transition nicely here in Las Vegas. Since having the baby, it’s been a challenge to balance nights out and time out on the town again but the groove has now been found again! This now meant putting my name in the hat for more Yelp Elite event opportunities that fit into my schedule.


So, opening up my email and seeing this from Yelp was a welcome surprise:


Gary was a little bummed that the email also said “Ladie’s ONLY”, so I pretended to be sad with him for all of 60 seconds before finding my lady date to accompany me!


A fellow working mama and great local friend of mine opened up her Thursday evening to head to Bazaar Studios with me for our Mom’s night out!



Bazaar Studio & Parlor is a fun and eclectic space in a business office area off of I-15 that I’ve been to a few times before. There’s always surprises around every corner in Las Vegas.¬†Bazaar Studio & Parlor is a contemporary, collaborative marketplace of media, art and style; it’s sophisticated yet edgy/chic yet unrefined. ¬†All the right, with just a dash of wrong. Reviving the 1930’s-era parlor experience, guests are transported into a modern wonderland reminiscent of NY underground, with aesthetic touches of ship wood, brick and indoor trimmed hedges as champagne glasses clink, scissors snip, shutters click, and toasts are made with cotton candy.


After registering for our FREE salon services, we decided to explore the space of Bazaar and check out all of the artsiness they had in store for us.



Noshing on cupcakes and snacks, while toting around some bubbly, we were very impressed with the art work and decor hidden in this deceiving little building.



When our names were called for our services, I hopped into Lyle’s chair to give my hair some love! My girlfriend has luxurious locks of hair, so she opted for a cute braid. I was stuck on what to do! Then, I remembered that I’ve been wanting to grow out my hair just a little bit and needed to tame my neckline. Lyle did an amazing job and was the sweetest to let me take over his chair for a little bit!



Even though we weren’t the lucky ones, 10 girls won a free headshot to show off their adorable new diva looks!



Yelp always knows how to treat their Elites! This was another 5 STAR ELITE event for me!


As Elites, we truly do take the time to check out restaurants, businesses, salons, you name it – giving an honest review to share with others! Especially here in Las Vegas, it’s great to know you can hop on the app and find what you’re looking for with perspective to help your decision!



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