Keeping My Body Guessing: Taking Cyclebar for a Spin

Fitness trends vary from year to year and even month to month sometimes it seems! I enjoy crazy workouts, but still have to keep raising the bar to keep my body challenged. I was invited to try out a Cyclebar class with the Vegas Yelp Elite squad, so took the challenge on!



Located only 15 minutes away from where we are, Cyclebar Henderson, is situated in a very cute area we frequent called The District. With shops and restaurants sprinkled everywhere in this ‘faux downtown area’, it’s in the heart of the fitness scene.


Hubby joined me as my +1 and was ready to tackle some cycle-cardio, since it’s been a hot few years since he’s hopped on a bike to rock out a sweat session.



We received first class service the moment we walked in! After being greeted and given our FREE-TO-USE-FANCY-CLIP-IN cycle shoes, we were shown our lockers that had our names on them!



Yelp had a little surprise waiting for us inside, which is never a surprise – they’re the best!



We checked out the bikes before hopping over to the Cycle Theatre for class. I was super impressed with the Schwinn A.C. Performance bikes. They had RPM and Resistance notes for your class duration so that you could challenge yourself at a glance – game on!




We kicked off our class with Hayley, our instructor, after getting clipped in and having our bikes adjusted. The ride was smooth and even with the cycle shoes! I haven’t used clip-in shoes before, so it was definitely a change. I was able to use the proper form much easier to lift and them push the pedal with the proper leg muscles. We powered through sprints and climbs, went from first to second to third position, and were even challenged against each other in power pushes!



Right after class, I received an email with my stats from class!


I am learning to enjoy workouts ‘outside of my comfort zone’ more and more! Even if I teach HIIT classes and am comfortable with my body weight workouts, I have to remember to keep challenging my body in order to see continued results. With the addition of strength metabolic conditioning and cycle cardio, I’ve definitely seen a change!


Thanks to my Yelp Elite crew for another great Elite event [blended with my love of fitness!]



Have you tried Cyclebar?

Are you a fan of cycle class?

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