The First Steps Towards Losing the Baby Weight: Months 1 & 2

The first steps towards losing the baby weight seem overwhelming. You’ve just come home from having a little miracle be born and your body just isn’t the same.


I remember that feeling like it was just yesterday. I came home a little over 24 hours from having my baby girl and felt unlike I’d ever felt before. The body that I worked so hard to lose 50 pounds from was back at square one. It’s not ideal to talk about, I know, but we have the right to talk about how we feel as moms right? I never forsake her, she’s magical and I know my body did something amazing. I knew I needed to settle back into life, but wanted to get back into working out as soon as I was released



This is the photo that brings me back to that place. I had to buy a bunch of new tops for winter because none of mine fit. I was adjusting to nursing bras and gigantic boobs because those were foreign. I waited on pins and needles for my Doctor to release me to take walks and start moving again!


Here’s the small steps I started with heading out from month 1 into month 2, post baby:


  1. WAIT UNTIL YOU’RE CLEARED. I can’t stress this enough. Your OB knows your body and has seen the miracle of childbirth before. So, what’s the rush? He/She will tell you what your limits are and whatever those area, you should stay within them. Even when the doctor says, “You can begin walking after 6 weeks” that doesn’t mean to start plyometrics training and getting back into running. You’re at square one, friend, and that’s okay! * Read a story here from my friend Alisha about her experience with pushing too hard after baby and what happened to her: HERE.
  2. REBUILD SLOWLY, YOU’RE STILL HEALING. Rome wasn’t built in a day. You didn’t get that big baby belly in a day either. It took time to do the opposite. Your body still has relaxin flowing through it which helped you hold onto that bundle with aching joints. So, allow healing but remembering to be kind to your body and fuel properly to heal it inside and out also.
  3. BE HUMBLE. As I said in #1, you are probably like me. I ran races and worked so hard to achieve my pullup mastery. It’s not to say you can’t get there again. Humble yourself. Take yourself back to where you were when you first started. Start there.
  4. REMEMBER YOUR PELVIC FLOOR. Your core is like a triangle. You have your front and then your back and then your pelvic floor (the bottom.) This was wrecked when you added a little babe to the home of your uterus, so it needs to be strengthened again. Do you know what kegels are? Make those your best friend. Do them in the car, do them in church, do them to the beat of any song. Here’s a great link that shares various ways to get your KEGEL ON, girl: HERE.
  5. WALK IT OUT. Walks are underrated. They not only give you low impact cardio you can add intervals to, but they are an awesome way to get out of the damn house! You’re going to feel cooped up, so take it easy and enjoy time on walks with the family or alone — trust me, those solo walks will come in handy also.


As you progress to month 2, after you’ve done lots of walking and kegels, think about creating a workout regimen that’s about 3 days a week. Make one day about total body strength and cardio, another about upper and lower body strength focus, and then a third devoted to stretching/flexibility and core/stability work.


Core exercises that are your best friend in Month 1 & 2:

  • Knees-down plank holds (belly button to spine engagement, never forget!)
  • Supine bridges


Check out my post about what to shift into gear for Months 3 & 4 HERE!



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