In Tragedy, Comes Unity – After The Las Vegas Route 91 Massacre

Our world was rocked when we woke up on the morning of October 2, 2017. The Las Vegas massacre happened while we were blissfully unaware in dreamland.


I know you’ve heard all about what happened here on October 1, 2017 at the Mandalay Bay resort when a lone gunman opened fire on the audience of the Route 91 music festival. I won’t go into huge detail about the specifics of the event. I solely want to share our experience seeing the unity of our city come together AFTER everything happened.


Praise the Lord we weren’t directly impacted. No one we knew was at the event. We happen to not go out much on Sunday evenings because of our little one and because of busy and early Monday mornings. However, many we know were impacted and still fight through fear trying to understand what happened.


Our city came together quicker than we could’ve ever imagined. Thousands of people came out in droves to donate blood to help the victims, so much so that I wasn’t able to get an appointment until 3 weeks later!


An amazing man from Illinois made 58 crosses to remember the victims who were killed that are now housed at the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” Sign just walking distance to the place where the tragedy took place.


Donations came in from all over the city to help the first responders, victims and their families who were in the hospitals as well as of those who were killed, and blood donation workers.


In this tragedy, came an immense sense of unity. We’re a ‘little/big city’ and I couldn’t be more proud of this community.




We are and always will be #VegasStrong


Our church, Central, immediately held a prayer vigil, went into the city to pray with the impacted families, and even hosted the funeral for Officer Hartfield who was a member along with his family.



As God would have it, the funeral was the same day as my donation and I was able to watch it while praying for Officer Hartfield’s family simultaneously while donating. I am committed to donating once every 6 weeks to continue to help as much as I can.



These are the faces of the 58 lives lost that night. They were having the time of their lives when tragedy struck and they were called home to God in the blink of an eye.


Today, we continue to honor their lives and the lives of those still recovering from injuries. We WON’T live in FEAR so that we can show them we are unified in this – in our city full of lights! Pastor Jud said it best when he reminded us to support our city, to support the Mandalay Bay; that one speck of evil can’t cause us to change our whole lives and not enjoy them.


The victims still need our blood donations – so if you can donate blood anywhere in the country please DO!

The Go Fund Me is still overflowing and active to keep hope alive for the families and victims impacted as they’ll need continued support.


Let’s LIVE BRAVELY and always remember that life’s too short to take advantage of!


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