What I Loved About My Getaway to Wine Country – Almond Harvest 2017


I’ve wanted to visit wine country since we moved to the west coast! ¬†So, when I was told I won a trip with the California Almond board to attend their Harvest 2017 celebration, I was thrilled to finally get that chance! (I won through my attendance at IDEAFit Blogfest 2017)



Once I arrived in Lodi, I walked into my room and saw this:



A bucket o’ wine and treats is always a good indicator that a good time is about to go down! The room at Wine & Roses was so beautiful that I spaced on taking photos and immediately plopped down to starfish on the bed! That, and partake in the goodies that were left for me without anyone to share them with! I LET FREEDOM RING!



I haven’t had a solo MAMA TRIP since K arrived, so this time was much needed! I couldn’t help but immediately sink into the ambiance. You can click HERE to check out their website and review REAL photos of their property that don’t do it complete justice.


I knew that our days would be filled with lots of information, but I wanted to soak in some time for myself as well. I heard amazing things about the on-property restaurant, spa, and fitness center/pool (which I did check out.) Also, I took many walks around the property to visit the birds …




I even ventured off of the property to check out the adorable little city of Lodi. All around the property were private roads leading to wineries and vineyards. One of these was Harmony Wynelands. Our group took a tour there to enjoy a dinner together and have a private tasting of all of their different blends. Being the wine lover than I am now, I was all about being open to new tastes and a new experience. The only winery I’ve been to before this was in Florida; that winery was a fruit one so not tons of grape trees to run around in.



We were treated to delicious appetizers during our initial tasting, before we took part in a full group dinner.


Figs & Prosciutto are never a bad combo


So 15+ Registered Dietitians and a Personal Trainer walk into a vineyard ..


I got to meet some amazing dietitians and California almond board members who were a wealth of knowledge! They were also super fun to hangout with and celebrate with over some ?? # bottles of wine!


No grapes were harmed in the making of this posed photo


Learning how grapes turn into mama-juice



My favorite wines from this visit were their Pipedreams Zin and their GMA red blend! I’m usually a red wine lover, but am learning to enjoy the dryer side of whites!


I’m a city girl at heart who truly loves to have access to all of the fun and shows to enjoy in Vegas. Even when we lived in Florida, I wanted to be just close enough to the city center to be far away in my suburb bubble. What I loved about Lodi was the ability to be away from it all with plenty to do for enjoyment.


I asked my buddies for the week about their experiences in Napa Valley compared to the Lodi area and they agreed that it was a smaller area to check out without too much of a tourist feel. We plan to visit Napa/Sonoma in 2018, so I’ll get to check out the differences and share those with you all!



What recommendations do you have when visiting California Wine Country?
What’s your favorite blend of wine?

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