Our Little Girl is One Year Old?! – a Letter for My Daughter About Our First Year

I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that we have a one year old now.


It has taken SO LONG to get to the place where we were able to call ourself parents. Before we knew it, we were thrown head-first into the world of dirty diapers and ZERO hours of sleep.


Despire all of the struggles of being a new parent, we were so grateful to have K as our daughter. She’s taught me so much more than she could ever know.



In today’s point, I want to write a letter to my daughter so she can know all she means to me in just 365 days.


Dear K,

You are one year old, monkey! I can remember the night I went into labor with you. Daddy and I had a hankering for pizza so we went to one of our favorite places and POOF; My water broke.  I knew I was lucky to have prepared all we needed to go to the hospital and get ready to say HI to you for the first time! I remember you being born and immediately counting your fingers and toes. You were so tiny and I was unsure how to even take care of you! I knew God equipped your daddy and myself with all we needed. I knew we had to just take things one day at a time. You showed us your independence and spirit right out the gate, girlfriend! I have to admit I’ve struggled with authority all of my life. With everything I’d been through, I wasn’t one to back down nor be told what to do … until you came into my life. I never knew how gentle I could be, how patient I could be, how calm I could be, until I had you in my every day life. As your mommy, I wanted to be sure to take good care of you but also know when to let you be your own person as soon as you began to show a personality. I can remember when you first wanted REAL FOOD, you were a girl after my own heart. You loved green veggies and eating them ALL BY YOURSELF. I love watching you feed yourself and learn your way around life. You’re very much like me, I see now! You are the most loving little girl, once you get to know someone. You take a little bit to trust others and are cautious to get too close. You love having friends you know and who can teach you as you teach them. You’re a little walking machine, at 11 months old, who is ready to EXPLORE life. I am ready to explore it with you, baby, let’s celebrate this first year with blessing, and feeling so grateful!




Our first birthday celebration with Ki was the best. We have such an amazing load of parents and friends along this ride with us and couldn’t be more grateful!


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