Baby’s First Halloween Season

Halloween, for us, has always been about the biggest party we could find and enjoying candy a little more than we needed to each year. It was usually then followed by dentist appointment and fillings, too, so there’s that. This year, since it’s Baby’s First Halloween, we have a whole new approach to how we celebrate the season.


Here’s happenings that we enjoyed with little K since she’s not quite mobile yet in picture gallery form!



K’s first visit to the pumpkin patch


No ___ given


Family photo from a friend’s rodeo birthday party


and another from another friend’s Halloween birthday celebration


Mama Vader and Baby Storm Pooper on baby’s first Halloween trick or treat adventure

Cuz she is


And to top it all off, her baby cousin was born Halloween morning, welcome to the world baby girl!


I can’t wait for K to experience more Halloween fun in 2018 when she’s ready to take over the world, ON FOOT, since she’s THISCLOSE to being a runner already!

Happy Halloween everyone – here comes November!

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